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Find out about the growing range of specialized fastening elements – developed to bring the speed of direct fastening to your most common tasks in virtually every trade

Cable Clips/Clasps
Show me fasteners for installing single and bundled cables to concrete, steel or masonry using direct fastening tools
Conduit Fasteners
Show me fasteners for installing flexible and rigid electrical conduits, water and heating pipes to concrete, steel or masonry using direct fastening tools
Ceiling Wires, Clips And Threaded Rod Hangers for Electrical Applications
Show me fasteners for suspending electrical fixtures overhead using direct fastening tools
Cable And Conduit Suspensions
Show me fasteners for installing overhead cabling and conduits using direct fastening tools
Bridle Rings
Show me bridle rings with pre-assembled baseplates – a much faster solution for supporting low-voltage cables overhead using direct fastening tools
Drop Rods
Show me smooth and threaded drop rods with pre-mounted nails and/or baseplates for use with direct fastening tools
Suspended Ceiling Clips & Hangers
Show me ceiling clips, rod hangers and other fasteners for drop ceiling installation using direct fastening tools
Formwork & Wall Fasteners
Show me wall construction fasteners designed to position and secure formwork or wall elements more reliably
Insulation Fasteners
Show me insulation fasteners for installing mineral wool, EPS and other insulation boards using direct fastening tools
Grating And Checker Plate Fasteners
Show me grating clips and other alternatives to welding for installing walkway grating and diamond plate on steel structures using direct fastening tools
Other Fastening Elements
Show me application-specific fastening elements – such as soft washers for fastening drainage membrane, or shear connectors for composite beams using direct fastening tools"
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