Electrical Installation Solutions

Power up your electrical installation

Are you struggling to grow your business because you can't take on more projects? Enhance productivity at every stage of your electrical installation projects with Hilti.

From overcoming the frustrations of slow layout and time-consuming coring to finding innovative solutions for faster, safer fastening and easy-to-handle firestop, Hilti partners with you for maximum electrical installation performance.


Laser-fast layout

Enjoy quicker leveling and alignment

Traditional layout with chalk lines and tape measures is slow and labor-intensive, and many measuring tools on the market fail to meet your performance needs. With our cordless PM 20-CG and PM 50-MG multi-line lasers, you’ll experience greater durability, faster and more precise alignment, and excellent visibility. For tasks like measuring cable paths and conduits, our easy-to-use laser meters are ideal, and our concrete scanners help you avoid costly downtime by detecting hidden objects.

Diamond drilling made easier

The fastest way to core from start to finish

Creating penetrations for conduits and cables through walls and floors can be time-consuming, messy, and challenging. With Hilti's core rigs, water management system, and optimized core bits, a three-person job can be handled by just one person. For even greater efficiency, add a CutAssist Autofeed unit for autonomous core drilling

Quicker fastening with enhanced safety

Prioritizing the safety of workers without impacting productivity

The BX 4-ME-22 nuron battery-powered nailer can help minimize labor hours and improve productivity by reducing installation steps like drilling and anchoring.

Minimize the need for ladders and help reduce accidents and injuries when paired with a pole tool assembly, so you can confidently prioritize safety without compromising on performance. The next-generation battery-powered nailer and enhanced E-fasteners portfolio make it easier for you to install cables, conduits, and threaded studs into concrete, steel, and masonry for mid- to low-voltage applications.

For added safety, our SC 4MR-22 cold cut technology reduces heat transfer to the base material, minimizing sparks compared to traditional cutting methods.


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Battery Powered Nailer

✓ Dust free and up to 3 times faster than drilling

✓ Safer and quicker installation with pole tool from the floor

✓ Work during restricted hours/occupied buildings

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Pole Tools

✓ Quick, versatile method for repetitive fastening on ceilings

✓ No ladders or scaffolding required

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Fastening Nails

✓ Applications on both concrete and steel

✓ Less concrete chipping

✓ Higher fastening quality and fewer failures

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E-Fasteners Portfolio

✓ Fully tested Hilti system (tool + nail + E-fastener) for the best performance and reliability

✓ Peace of mind for installer thanks to guaranteed maintenance of installation

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Cordless Circular Saw

✓ Hardly any flying sparks 

✓ Optimum handling and user-friendliness

✓ Chip container for a clean working environment

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AG 6D-22 5.2 AC-D SPX 125

Cordless Angle Grinder

✓ Precise speed control – use higher speeds to cut & grind quickly, lower speeds for a perfect surface finish

✓ High performance/long life

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Ultimate anchor fastening

Pioneering productivity in overhead applications

Help simplify your electrical fastening with Hilti tools and cutting-edge anchors. For overhead applications, our ergonomically designed SDS-Plus rotary hammers drill powerfully into concrete. Help tackle safety concerns with our onboard DRS vacuum cleaner for virtually dust-free drilling. Hilti’s complete portfolio of post installed anchors offers a breadth of solutions for more reliable fastening in a variety of base materials and jobsite conditions.

Carrying out intensive overhead work? Our cutting-edge EXO-S wearable exoskeleton is designed to help reduce employee strain and fatigue so you can boost productivity.

HIT-HY 200-R V3- rebar installation with the HDE 500-A22 chemical anchor dispenser

Simpler fire protection

Easier-to-install preformed firestopping solutions

Forget messy and difficult-to-handle firestop sealants. Instead, opt for Hilti preformed fire protection systems. For cable bundles of various sizes, our putty discs and blocks, along with our versatile portfolio of speed sleeves and modular firestop sleeves, provide quicker and easier installation for low voltage firestopping.

Quicker device installation

Maximum flexibility with cordless tools and fasteners

Installing sockets, lights, switch boxes and other end-user devices can be time consuming. By using Hilti cordless tools with our easy-to-install anchors, we can help you decrease installation times while lowering project costs with our HUS screw anchors for faster installation. If you are also looking to quickly punch out conduit-sized holes, the compact NPU 100-22 nuron cordless knockout tool has you covered. With its auto-retract detecting punch completion and automatically resetting ram capabilities, you can save time and have the punching dies last longer.

Training designed with you in mind

Whether you are looking for an online session on how to operate a specific tool, an accredited live webinar on a key construction topic, or a tailored health and safety course that helps meet the specific needs of your jobsite, Hilti Academy offers a wide range of learning options.

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How Hilti engineers can help

Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support through all stages of the project lifecycle from design to installation to building management. We offer everything from specialist advice and accredited training to on-site testing and engineering judgements to help ensure you find the approved solutions you need. 

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