Help drive more productivity and profitability

With five opportunities to help increase productivity, Hilti is your productivity partner

Construction lags behind when it comes to productivity and bid prices can't keep up with rising project costs. What's more, the average worker spends only 30% of their day performing their actual duties, with up to 70% spent on inefficient processes.

Hilti continues to make investments to help digitize processes and improve workflows for increasing productivity and profitability, starting with software and services such as Virtual Design Construction (VDC), Fieldwire and ON!Track. Our system solutions help eliminate, speed up, and simplify steps throughout the application chain so you can capitalize on every workable hour.


Five opportunities to help increase productivity

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and prefabrication

By partnering with our customers throughout their digital workflows, we’re able to help optimize building design, minimize costs and reduce waste.

Our prefabricated solutions are customized to a project's specific design requirements for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We also offer a range of products and services that seamlessly connect Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordinates to real-world points on the jobsite, further streamlining the construction process.

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Jobsite management

Leading the industry with its intuitive, user-friendly design, Fieldwire jobsite management software allows users to access and share information easier, plan and manage work more seamlessly, and track and report progress in real-time – all while prioritizing the needs of the field.

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Resource management

Offering more transparency to your tools and assets, our ON!Track resource management solution provides real-time tracking and automated alerts and reporting for maintenance needs.

Help solve problems related to asset and workforce management, including managing assets, consumables, service and repair needs, and safety certifications – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The open API-based software integration supports communication between systems to help streamline your operations.

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High performing tools

Add even more productivity to your jobsites with the help of Nuron, the ultimate all-on-one cordless tool platform that delivers more work per charge, faster work speeds, interchangeable batteries, and more.

And with Tool Fleet Management, our equipment-as-a-service model, you can access the latest tools and only pay for what you need, while also helping to eliminate the hassle and cost of equipment repair and replacement.

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System solutions for key work packages

Offering complete systems for your construction needs, our application-based work packages help provide effective solutions for every stage of your project, including layout, baseplate, pipe and cable tray supports, and more.

Our highly productive systems help optimize your build and streamline your construction process – from start to finish.

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