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TE 3000-AVR

TE 3000-AVR Electric Jackhammer

Experience elevated power and performance

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Concrete anchors for any application

Hilti's chemical and mechanical anchors deliver maximum productivity, performance and reliability in any application

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Hilti's ON!Track solution was specifically designed to help solve problems related to managing your assets, services, workers, and safety certifications.

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Hilti Academy

Hilti Academy

Offering access to on-demand trainings and certifications on topics like health and safety, power tools, fastening and fire protection, Hilti Academy allows you to take the courses that you need when you need them.

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Tool Fleet Management

Tool Fleet Management

With Fleet Management, you can minimize many of the headaches and expenses associated with managing the tools you need to complete your projects. We’ll help you stay focused on your job with tracking, coverage, and upgrades that keep your tools—and teams—running at peak performance.

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Innovation Magazine

Innovation Magazine

Check out the Innovation Magazine and see the latest tools and systems from Hilti.

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Hilti Smart Service Subscription

Manage your variable costs with a service subscription that provides the benefit of unlimited deliveries and access to our digital learning platform based on your selected subscription tier.

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Firestop Submittal Generator

Firestop Submittal Generator

Find firestop systems and create submittals online

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