Increase construction safety

Hilti solutions and resources to help maintain a safe and productive jobsite

Navigating the dynamic construction environment demands adaptable solutions to safeguard both your team and your bottom line.

At Hilti, we understand the pivotal role safety plays in every aspect of your business.

As your trusted partner, we offer more than just tools; we provide cutting-edge innovations and resources that empower you to help mitigate risks, enhance productivity, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Solutions for enabling safety and business success

Help ensure safer operations and fewer accidents

On the jobsite, Hilti innovations help reduce risk from dust, vibration, kickback, cutting, working at heights and many other real and often life-changing dangers.

Our Nuron cordless platform provides advanced safety features, promoting safer tool usage by addressing potential risks and encouraging safe behaviors and conditions.

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Innovative solutions to old problems

At a time when the industry is managing a workforce shortage challenge, Hilti is bringing transformative technology to help reduce strain and fatigue for both experienced and novice users.

Our construction exoskeletons help alleviate upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks. 

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Develop a skilled workforce

Hilti Academy provides on-demand training and certifications covering topics such as health and safety, power tools, fastening and fire protection. With Hilti Academy, you can access the courses you need, whenever you need them.

Managers can also manage users, course enrollments, payments for employees as well as track progress.

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Improve safety compliance and avoid penalties

ON!Track Asset Management can help automate and simplify compliance tasks. When a resource in your inventory is in need of testing, maintenance, or verification for accuracy, ON!Track automatically alerts those responsible – helping to give you peace of mind that your jobsite equipment is safer and remains compliant.

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Digitally store and access safety documents

Help put all your project safety documents in one convenient location accessible from any mobile device using Fieldwire. Create safety and inspection checklists to keep your teams on track, and set up customized and automated reports so office teams are up-to-date on safety compliance. See first-hand how you can leverage Fieldwire to go beyond jobsite specific safety documentation and track company-wide safety items with an on-demand webinar.

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    Download our Toolbox Talks and take the first step toward a safer, more productive workplace. Empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to help prevent accidents and work towards a brighter future for your organization.

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Safer working through technology

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Safety is a matter of culture – and technology can help. Managers, and especially CEOs, can demonstrate their commitment to safer jobsites by adopting technology that proactively helps to reduce risk.