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Tool tracking and asset management helping to deliver transparency to your tools and productivity to your jobsites

Let’s work together to tackle your asset and workforce management challenges. From managing assets, accessories, service and repair needs to overseeing maintenance and safety certifications, ON!Track has you covered.

Combining versatile Bluetooth® asset tags, cloud-based software and Field Resource Management Solutions, ON!Track delivers real-time updates on tool activity, provides data on tools that are idle for too long and identifies those tools that are needed most. Take control of your resources and materials anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Inventory Tracking

Help avoid downtime

Compliance Management

Help simplify compliance

Connected Services

Help increase productivity


DX 5 F8, DX 5 F8, deflection head, track fastening to ceiling, interior finishing, X-U concrete nail

What can I track and manage?

  • Assets
  • Commodities 
  • Consumables inventory materials
  • Certificates and dates
  • Maintenance and inspection alerts  

(independent of type, model or manufacturer)

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How do I track my assets?

  • Unique inventory IDs
  • Bluetooth tags
  • Barcode tags
  • Cloud-based solution system, available 24/7
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Receive first-class customer support on the jobsite through onsite consultations, an individualized solution, full implementation, onsite training and change management support.

What support do I get?

  • Onsite discovery consultation 
  • An individualized solution  
  • Full implementation with data upload and jobsite equipment tagging 
  • Onsite training and change management support  
  • Post implementation care and consultation
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What do our customers think?

On!Track has helped to bring efficiency and savings to customers and simplified their compliance work too. Below, some of these users share their experiences of using the system to help improve their businesses and more effectively manage field resources.

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STAY MORE PRODUCTIVE and bring transparency to your jobsite

barcode scan on toolbox

Keep your entire inventory at your fingertips

When you know where to find equipment and assets, you don’t lose valuable time looking for items or waste money buying or renting replacements.

  • Know what tools are idle and available to use
  • Know where your tools are
  • Know how your tools are being used
  • Know who is using your tools
  • Help identify and reduce downtime due to missing tools
  • Help reduce hoarding
  • Lower the risk of theft
  • Know which tools are idle and available to use
Reporting and asset tags

Help avoid downtime with real time inventory tracking and reporting

Running out of consumables on the jobsite can lead to costly emergency orders. ON!Track helps you identify when your inventory may be running low and will alert you when it's time to reorder. 

  • Consumables and item reorder alerts 
  • Inventory lifecycle alerts 
  • Rental return date alerts 
  • Service and preventative maintenance alerts 
  • Training and certification renewal alerts
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Compliance Simplified

Help improve safety and avoid penalties

When a resource in your inventory is in need of testing, maintenance, or verification for accuracy, ON!Track automatically alerts those responsible - helping to give you peace of mind that your jobsite equipment is safer and remains compliant.

Make sifting through those papers a thing of the past

Be audit ready for all your equipment with "one click" management of your daily reports and safety documents. More efficiently manage certification documents for inspector requests and immediately know who is certified to operate different tools and equipment before transferring assets.

Keep your costs ON!Track

Tool Tracking

Stay up to date with automated alerts on the things that matter most

Manually having to check and monitor paperwork, compliance status, and inspection intervals can lead to wasting time, expensive errors, and loss of business. 

  • Inventory lifecycle and return date alerts 
  • Service and preventative maintenance alerts 
  • Consumables and item reorder alerts 
  • Training and certification renewal alerts
ON! Track Pt II

Hassle free cost allocation

Manage any asset, any brand, and costs from multiple jobsites – all on one digital platform.

  • Monitor jobsite consumable usage for cost allocation and estimating
  • Track asset history (location, maintenance, tool usage)
  • Generate employee certification reports 
  • Big data analytics to stay informed about your business
Foreman checking heavy equipment status on his ON!Track mobile app

Heavy Equipment Management & Van Inventory Management

Reduce manual processes and streamline asset management with Heavy Equipment Management (HEM) and Van Inventory Management (VIM). This is just one of the solutions ON!Track offers to help you achieve greater asset transparency, maximize productivity, and gain more peace of mind, all on a single platform.

Gain more insight into your critical jobsite assets with Telematic Gateways and Van Gateways. Better enhance safety and visibility with ON!Track solutions that help keep your projects moving without the tedious manual tracking processes that can take up your entire day.


65 %

of businesses
reported difficulties tracking tools and equipment.

90 Hours

are spent monthly
tracking tools

200 K

is spent annually
searching for assets

20 hours

per month can be reclaimed
on average with automated audits

Help optimize your tool crib, minimize costs, and better simplify your day-to-day by digitalizing the way you track, maintain, and manage your assets with Hilti’s combined tool service solutions.

Designed for construction, Hilti’s combined Tool Services deliver high-performing cloud connected tools at a fixed monthly rate and powerful asset tracking with usage and location data for maximum transparency. By combining Tool Fleet Management with ON!Track and the Nuron cordless platform you can manage your workforce and jobsites with more efficiency.

The Nuron cordless platform, enabled by Fleet and ON!Track, allows you to quickly check battery state of health and proactively order replacements. Access services that help you find missing equipment or identify under-used or hoarded tools. And use the data from Nuron to help make informed decisions about your tool crib without interruptions to your workflow.

ON!TRACK Resources

ON!Track Unite - Seamless data flow from the field to the office

ON!Track Unite, an easy-to-use open API-base software integration, makes using ON!Track even more efficient and seamless.

Bring productivity to new heights by unifying data from multiple sources, increasing data quality and consistency, and automating processes involving ON!Track and other software.

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Track assets on the go

Keep track of your tools from anywhere with the ON!Track mobile app, designed for specific needs in the field.

The mobile app helps brings visibility and accountability to your entire fleet of tools and assets.

Download ON!Track 3.0 from the App Store Download ON!Track 3.0 from Google Play


Get the most out of your ON!Track experience with our online resources including how-to videos and release notes.

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