ON! Track Pt II

Better equipment management

Boost productivity and reduce downtime with digital asset management

Spending time tracking down equipment and making unnecessary tool and consumable purchases could leads to the yearly waste of up to hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars worldwide.

Learn how to better avoid costly downtime, help boost productivity and gain greater control over your inventory and costs by utilizing Hilti’s digital solutions for managing your assets and optimizing your tool crib.

Jobsite intelligence with Connected Tool Services

Nuron, supported by Fleet and ON!Track, not only facilitates simpler asset management but also allows companies to help streamline procurement through operating from a single platform and moving away from corded power systems — helping to reduce costs and complexity.

The intelligent 22V batteries harness usage, performance, location, and battery health data that is transmitted through a cloud-connected charger every time the batteries are charged. That data then connects to an online profile or our digital tool crib and asset management solutions.

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Take control of your assets with ON!Track

Is your business struggling to keep track of equipment or stay on top of tool maintenance schedules? ON!Track helps provide quick access to critical information regarding the location and status of your assets. With active tracking, you can gather your smart tools’ usage data for more transparency on productivity and stock levels. 

And with Hilti Replenish powered by ON!Track, automate the management of your inserts and consumables to help keep you from running out of the accessories you need. 

Manage assets more efficiently with ON!Track Learn more about Hilti Replenish

Optimize your tool crib with Tool Fleet Management

A properly optimized tool crib helps your teams work faster and more cost efficiently. With Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management, you choose only the tools you need and pay a fixed monthly price for a set period without the burden of an upfront investment.

With Hilti's Tools On Demand (TOD) program we give you the flexibility to tool up or tool down to meet peak demands, helping to minimize total spend and eliminate the soft costs of moving tools from site to site. 

Discover Tool Fleet Management Benefits for Fleet customers Learn more about Tools on Demand

Enjoy faster repair times

Sometimes, even quality tools break down and when that happens, your teams risk falling behind schedule by stopping what they’re working on to find and rent or buy replacement equipment. Let us help keep your teams focused and working on the tasks at hand. Order repairs directly from the jobsite via the Hilti app or our website to arrange for a replacement tool while you wait on the repair. 

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Warranty Redifined

We stand behind our customers, and the quality of our tools, with an industry leading service promise to match. Which is why we offer two year of wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping, and labor on us. And we know a tool repair means unproductive downtime - which is why we guarantee one day turnaround in our repair centers to help get you back up and running with limited interruption. 

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Digital Learning for Contractors

Training and certification on safety, tool use and more. Offering access to on-demand trainings and certifications on topics like health and safety, power tools, fastening and fire protection, Hilti Academy allows you to take the courses that you need when you need them.

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