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Right consumable, right place, right time

Hilti Replenish gives you the power to select the exact tool inserts and consumables* you need, determine your desired stock levels, and set up automated shipments at planned intervals. Help redirect manpower and save money by eliminating the need to set up quantities and shipments manually.

Help Increase productivity

  • No more wasted time locating and purchasing what you need
  • Fully integrated with what you do
  • Say goodbye to hidden costs and unwanted hardware store trips

Modernized replenishment

• Inventory replenished weekly, biweekly, or monthly on the date you select

• Customizable inventory levels

• Products that are ready and waiting on location

Automatic convenience

• Easy ordering to replace only what is needed

• Never miss an order deadline again

• Focus on more important tasks

How Hilti Replenish Works

Combining Hilti Replenish with ON!Track 3.0 makes it even easier to take control of your inventory and set the perfect inventory levels right from the palm of your hand. Re-stocking is easy; items are automatically ordered and delivered to you at the intervals you determine.

  1. Identify the tool inserts and consumables you need
  2. Designate your desired inventory levels
  3. Set up customizable and automatic shipments on your schedule
man works using digital devices.


ON!Track 3.0 can now manage and replenish your power tool inserts and consumables


Power tool inserts

• Maintain optimal inventory levels

• Full transparency into quantity levels

• Help reduce waste and lost materials through accountability


• Automatic replenishment based on use

• Add or remove items at any time

• Maintain optimal inventory levels


Optional Storage Solutions

Available on Fleet Management**

Organize and more securely store your power tools, inserts, and consumables with Hilti storage solutions.

open hilti consumable cabinet with hilti products inside

Hilti Tool Cabinet

Help keep your warehouse organized with these easy storage cabinets.

  • Height 33”
  • Depth 12”
  • Weight capacity 100 lbs
  • Shelves 2
  • Width 24”
  • Weight 56 lbs
  • SKU Capacity Up to 15
open consumable tool cart with hilti products inside

Hilti Tool Cart

Convenient rolling storage cart for accessories, inserts, and consumables.

  • Height 61”
  • Depth 27”
  • Weight capacity 3,000 lbs
  • Shelves 2
  • Width 60”
  • Weight 400 lbs
  • SKU Capacity Up to 50
open hilti consumable tool locker with products inside

Hilti Tool Locker

Tall storage locker with pegboard walls and shelves.

  • Height 71”
  • Depth 27”
  • Weight capacity 3,000 lbs
  • Shelves 3
  • Width 44”
  • Weight 363 lbs
  • SKU Capacity Up to 50
open hilti consumable job box with products inside

Hilti Job Box

Keep your high-value items more secure with a job box with casters.

  • Height 63”
  • Depth 27”
  • Weight capacity 3,000 lbs
  • Shelves 3
  • Width 60”
  • Weight 363 lbs
  • SKU Capacity Up to 100

*Consumables are items intended for one-time use; to be installed and remain on a project; or as inserts attached to a power tool output shaft. Accessories are items intended for multiple use as an added enhancement to or feature to the tool.

**For ON!Track customers only.

***Storage items sold separately. Contact your Hilti representative for details.

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