Benefits for Fleet customers

Better tool management helps keep your business running at peak performance

With Hilti Tool Fleet Management, there is no upfront capital investment to tool up for projects. Instead, Fleet tools come at a fixed monthly rate for a defined usage period with advanced tool coverage that includes: 

  • Controlled costs
  • Reliable performance
  • Easier tracking

Controlled Costs

All-inclusive repairs

  • No cost repair with an average turnaround of 1 business day*
  • No more repair quotes to approve
  • When projects end or work slows, scheduled service and maintenance for your Fleet tools is included
How to request a repair

Fixed monthly costs

  • Monthly usage fees replace large, upfront cash expenses
  • Unexpected costs are covered
  • Quick and easy process to add tools to your Fleet

Theft coverage

  • Limit your financial exposure in the event of a theft
  • Simply supply a police report of your stolen tool, we will take care of the rest
How to report a lost or stolen tool

Reduce wasteful overbuying through circularity

  • Utilize Tools on Demand for short-term tool needs
  • Help generate maximum value
  • Streamline operations
  • Better the environment while reducing your business' resource consumption
Learn more about sustainability through circularity Existing Fleet customer? Access your personalized circularity report

Reliable performance

Loaner tools

  • For select tools, a complimentary loaner is provided in the event of a repair
  • Keep your jobs on schedule — no wasted time waiting on tools

Tool upgrades

  • Trade up to the latest technology when renewing at the end of the term
  • Minimize downtime with a dependable Fleet of peak performing tools

Battery testing

  • Improve productivity and reduce downtime by staying fully charged
  • Ensure maximum performance from your lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery and charger diagnostic testing is included at no extra cost
How to test and replace your tool's battery

Easier Tracking

Tool inventory and labeling

  • Access your tool information by scanning Fleet ID Tag with the ON!Track mobile app
  • Online access with ON!Track Ready allows for allocation and tracking of Hilti assets to a specific job, crew or employee
  • Durable labels remain intact throughout the duration of your tool’s usage
  • Increase accountability with Last Charge Location allowing for easier asset identification and traceability

Allocated invoices

  • Group costs to fit your company's needs
  • Make invoice processing easier
  • Allocate costs by categories like jobsite, crew, or employee
  • Invoicing that reflects the structure of your business 

Easy online tool management

  • Add on to your Fleet and renew your expiring tools online
  • Process and track repairs, calibrations, and service
  • Update your organization references and receive new labels
  • Report lost or stolen tools and order replacements
  • Monitor your tools online daily
How to view all of your Fleet tools

Tools On Demand

Stop paying for tools you don't need

Small tool needs can fluctuate by job and with Hilti's Tools on Demand (TOD) program through your Fleet account, you get the flexibility to tool up or tool down to meet peak demands or perform atypical applications. Minimize your total tool spend in real dollars and eliminate soft costs of moving tools from site to site.

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