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Hilti Fleet Management

We manage your tools so you can manage your business

Help take the stress out of managing your tools. With our Fleet Management solution, you get state-of-the-art tools and a full service package including everything from free repairs to theft coverage. That means you can focus on the real business of running your jobsites.

How Fleet Management can help your construction business

Optimized tool crib

Our productivity consultants will help uncover hidden costs, optimize your tool crib and streamline tool crib management processes.

Increased productivity

Set your teams up with the latest high-performing tools and get faster, free repairs, as well as loan tools so your projects keep running. 

Extra flexibility

Take advantage of the Tools On Demand service to cover short and medium-term peak demand and specific project needs.

Better cost control

Forget large, up-front investment, improve budgeting with predictable monthly fees and help simplify cost-allocation with custom invoices.

How does Fleet Management work?

Have us build your optimal tool crib and get upgrades when your contract ends

You pay a monthly fee for the tools you need for your projects. That fee covers repairs, tool mainentance, theft coverage and more.

Fleet contracts usually last 4 years depending on tool type. At the end of your tools' usable life, return the tools to us and you'll have the option to upgrade your crib to include our latest innovations.

This solution helps keep the latest tools in your hands, lower overhead costs and you will be supporting construction circularity in the process.

What services are included with Fleet Management?

Services for more productivity

  • Onsite productivity analysis: Receive advice to help you optimize your tool crib and reduce costs. 
  • Best-in-class repairs: Get unlimited coverage with faster, high-quality repairs including loan tools and exchange of batteries and chargers.
  • Digital labels: Scan to access and maintain detailed information (via app or web) to simplify tool crib management.

Services for more flexibility

  • Tools on Demand: You will have the option to cover your additional short-to-medium term tool park needs (peak demand & project specific). You can even order online with full price transparency and checkout possibilities.
  • Renewal: At the end of the contract, return your fleeted tools and take advantage of your option to upgrade to the latest innovation.

Services for more peace of mind

  • Theft coverage: We cover up to 80% of costs of stolen tools, helping to reduce your risk. 
  • Maintenance: Benefit from proactive maintenance service for selected tools.
Worker carrying the TE 2000-22 Cordless jackhammer on the jobsite

What tools can I get with Fleet Management?

Choose from tools for virtually all trades and applications

Whether you're fastening cables and conduit or breaking concrete, we've got your jobs covered. You'll also be able to choose tools on the connected Nuron cordless platform. 

Featuring over 100 tools, Nuron enables you to perform your corded and gas applications on the one platform. You'll also get access to data-driven services that help locate missing equipment, identify under-used or hoarded tools and more.    

TE 60-22 SDS Max rotary hammer

Helps you finish formwork faster

Discover the TE 60-22

SC 30WR-22 cut-off saw

For precise cuts up to 70mm in wood

Discover the SC 30WR-22

SIW 6-22 impact wrench

For concrete anchoring and steel or wood bolting

Discover the SIW 6-22

BX 3-ME-22 concrete nailer

For electrical contractors – up to 850 nails per charge

Discover the BX 3-ME-22
Hilti rep delivering fleeted tools

How to get started with Fleet Management

Start simplifying your tool management in three steps

  1. To begin, we'll work closely with you to make sure you have the tools you really need – no more no less.
  2.  We'll deliver the tools, including tools on the connected Nuron cordless platform, and provide training.
  3. To keep you working at peak performance, we'll help you track, repair and replace your tools at no additional cost. 
Previously fleeted tool ready for recycling

Support construction circularity

Help reduce resource consumption with Fleet Management

Reduce: Fleet Management means only having the tools you need, not more. You get quality, long-lasting tools, and our local repair centers work to extend their lives even more. Need a tool short term? Don't buy it – use our Tools on Demand service instead.

Reuse: At the end of the contract, high-quality parts are refurbished and reused. Tools no longer fit for professional construction are often donated to humanitarian or educational causes.

Recycle: If reuse is not possible, we work with authorized partners to help ensure proper recycling.

Hilti tool displaying ON!Track tracking

Get more from Fleet Management

Add powerful tool and equipment tracking for even more efficiency

With Fleet Management you get high-performing tools and a full-service package. But what if you could make equipment management even simpler? What if you could stop wasting time looking for missing equipment? Or harness the power of data to prevent unnecessary spending on duplicate tools?

Discover equipment management solutions designed to add more efficiency to your business so you can run more productive and compliant jobsites.

  • Have questions?

    Answers to FAQs can be found in our Tool Fleet Management Help Center.

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