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Diamond Core Drills

Show me diamond coring machines – hand-held and rig-based, wet and dry – for all coring in concrete and masonry

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Show me diamond coring machines – hand-held and rig-based, wet and dry – for all coring in concrete and masonry
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All prices discounted net
All prices discounted net
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Hilti core drills

Leverage integrated technology on the jobsite with Hilti core drills

Utilize the entire Hilti core drilling system to match the demands of your base materials and adapt to the job at hand.

With integrated Bluetooth technology, your core rig works seamlessly with your auto feed unit and water management system, powering you forward with ultimate productivity.

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From start to finish

Set up your core rig easily, complete the job with guided or automated core drilling, and move on to the next with limited clean up or re-work.

Partner with CutAssist technology

Gain guidance through Hilti's innovative CutAssist technology, taking the pressure off you, finding the starting point of drilling, controlling drilling pressure, and stopping automatically when drilling is complete. 

Optimal performance with Hilti core bits

Increase performance by pairing your core rig with Hilti core bits, maximizing your power and productivity every time. 

Integration made easier

Facilitate communication from your core rig to your water management system, allowing continuous water flow while keeping you updated with active alerts. 

DD 150-U Diamond Core Drill

Versatility and connectivity drive the DD 150-U diamond core drill, coring 5/16”- 6 3/8”.The core motor offers complete versatility to perform a wide variety of coring applications such as through penetrations and blind holes either handheld or rig mounted.

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DD 250-CA Diamond Core Drill

With its intuitive color digital display, the DD 250-CA diamond core drill provides the operator guidance for proper drill setup, real time drilling feedback, and valuable productivity data once the drilling is complete. Use the new diamond core drill to core ½”- 20” to tackle blind holes, penetrations and stitch drilling with ease.

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DD AF-CA Auto feed units

When paired with the corresponding diamond core drill, the DD AF-CA units give the operator a semi-autonomous experience to diamond drilling by intuitively guiding the drill through the entire process. Level up your coring with Hilti's CutAssist technology using the DD AF-CA H and DD AF-CA L on your next project.

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Multi-task on the jobsite

CutAssist Technology paired with automation

Leverage our innovative and intuitive CutAssist technology on the jobsite. Free up your time to complete others tasks or manage multiple core drills at once and feel confident with guided core drilling.

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Diamond core bits

Discover the wide variety of core bits to maximize performance and get the ultimate use of your core drilling machines. 

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Core drilling stands

Designed for a wide variety of core rigs, the DD-HD 30 Drilling stand makes drilling less tiring with a built-in fine feed and brings ease to angular drilling. 

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