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Line & Point Lasers

Find out how our line and point lasers are designed for intuitive and one-person operation on leveling, squaring and alignment tasks

Find out how our line and point lasers are designed for intuitive and one-person operation on leveling, squaring and alignment tasks
PM 2-PG Green plumb laser Green point laser with 2 high-visibility dots for transferring points vertically and establishing plumb

Multi-Line Lasers

Help simplify your layout from every angle

No matter what the construction discipline, better productivity typically starts with better preparation. And when it comes to laying out a jobsite, nothing helps prepare you better for aligning, plumbing, squaring and leveling applications than Hilti multi-line lasers. They work with just about any specialty that needs precise alignment for structural work or additional components:

  • Transferring reference heights or transferring fastening points from floor to ceiling
  • Aligning pipes
  • Leveling junction boxes
  • Aligning and leveling doors and windows
  • Setting out drywall tracks for partitioning

Line Lasers

Lasers for plumbing, leveling, aligning, and squaring

Hilti line laser tools help you save time by projecting laser beams on walls, floors or ceilings before workers even pick up a tool. The result is greater accuracy, less delay, fewer placement errors, and less costly rework for improperly aligned construction for applications like:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Ceilings
  • Pipes
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Cable trays

Point Lasers

Helping you pinpoint alignment markings quickly and accurately

Getting to the point of installing structures and components on your job site requires you to lay out, level and square anchor points accurately.

The laser beams of our point lasers provide positioning versatility and a better shape and brightness of laser points that help enable you to pinpoint alignment markings quicker and more accurately. The fixed foot with integrated magnets attaches directly to drywall tracks for more convenient alignment in those applications.

This just in! Our newest point laser

  • PM 2-PG Plumb laser

    Help save time on drywall applications with the user-friendly PM 2-PG plumb laser, designed with two vertical, green laser points for more precise alignment up to 30 m/100ft and a magnetic foot for easier set-up.

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    Building & Construction

    Transfer control from one floor to the next

    Interior Finishing

    Transfer points for drywall track, soffits/ clouds

    Mechanical & Engineering

    Transfer points from floor to ceiling for penetration points for pipes and cable trays

    Steel & Metal

    Alignment of metal columns and posts

Our newest line laser

  • PM 2-LG Line laser level

    Delivering greater visibility up to 20 m/66 ft for vertical and horizontal layout tasks, the PM 2-LG is a multi-line laser with two vibrant green lines for leveling, aligning and squaring, and the widest fan angle on the market for your horizontal alignment applications.

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    Building & Construction

    Transfer benchmark heights

    Level and align objects for smaller renovation projects

    Level and align drill holes for anchors and core drilling

    Interior Finishing

    Transfer benchmark heights

    Align refernce points to position drywall tracks on floor and ceiling

    Level openings (doors, windows, etc.) and MF/suspended ceilings

    Mechanical & Engineering

    Vertically align and position pipes, cables, cable trays, channels on the ceiling

    Transfer benchmark heights

    Leveling for sockets and switches

    Transfer drill marks from floor to ceiling

    Steel & Metal

    Transfer benchmark heights

    Level straight and inclined handrails

    Level and align façade elements

Tools and solutions to help optimize productivity


Set up on site more quickly with one button operation, self-leveling and automatic calibration features, with the PLT 400 Total station.

The PLT 400 is designed to turn the slower and error-prone multi-person task of laying out on a jobsite into a more efficient one-person task. Whether anchor points or building lines, pipes or interior walls, the PLT 400 will help simplify the layout task and bring more efficiency to your layout crew. 


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Choose from a wide selection of tools to help keep you working at peak performance. We help you track, repair, replace, and upgrade your tools at no additional cost.

Tool Fleet Management provides theft coverage and all-inclusive repairs. At the end of the Fleet term, you can return the tools in exchange for our latest new ones, helping to ensure better performance on the jobsite. 

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Warranty Redefined - Hilti Tool Warranty

All our laser measure and detection systems tools are supported by the Hilti Tool Warranty.

On top of our exceptional standard warranty, every Hilti laser measure tool comes with one free calibration per year for your first two years of ownership. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details. 

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