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Direct Fastening

See how our cordless, fully automatic or semi-automatic fastening tools and accessories – designed for fastening materials like wood, insulation boards, metal decks and gratings – can deliver more reliable fastenings and boost your productivity

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Tools & Cartridges
Find out how our fully automatic and semi-automatic powder-actuated tools are a more reliable and robust system to increase produtivity for general fastenings on concrete, steel and masonry
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General Purpose Nails & Studs for Powder-Actuated Tools
Find out how our nails and threaded studs have been engineered to fasten more reliably to most base materials
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Decking & Siding
Find out how our powder-actuated fastening solutions can help you to increase productivity for siding and decking applications – such as fixing profiled metal sheets, liner trays, composite beams and many more
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Drywall Applications
Find out how to speed up the installation of drywall track by using cordless and gas nailers
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Electrical & Mechanical Fastening
Find out about our tools and fasteners for electrical and mechanical fastening – including our cordless nailers for concrete, steel or masonry
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Ceiling Hanger Systems
Find out how Hilti powder-actuated fastening tools, clips and fasteners can be used to make installing suspended ceilings faster and easier
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Wall & Formwork Fastening
Find out about our direct fastening solutions, specifically designed to fasten wood profiles to concrete, fix drywall track and brick ties to masonry or concrete and fasten termination bars to secure waterproof membranes
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Insulation Fastening
Find out about our direct fastening solutions for fastening mineral wool, EPS and other insulation boards onto façades, ceilings and basement exteriors
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Fastening in Corrosive Environments
Find out about our direct fastening solutions for outdoor applications which are directly or indirectly exposed to weather and corrosive environments
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Find out about our direct fastening solutions for installing gratings and checker plates on steel structures
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Grounding & Bonding
Find out how our direct fastening and screw fastening solutions for grounding, earthing and bonding are made to allow electrical current to flow through the stud and then discharge it properly into the base material
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Special Applications
Find out how custom-built direct fastening solutions can streamline specialized applications – like marking on cold and hot steel or testing sprayed concrete
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Accessories for Direct Fastening
Find out how our wide range of accessories for BX/DX/GX nailers can further enhance your productivity on-site
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