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Wire rope suspension

Fast, lightweight and easy-to-adjust modular wire rope suspension kits for lighter MEP installations and fixtures

Wire hangers

Overhead installation is easier with the MW Wire Suspension System

Experience faster and easier overhead installations with Hilti’s new pre-cut wire hanger system. This strong, lightweight system works with battery (BX) fasteners, powder-actuated (DX) fasteners, Hilti's anchor platform, and comes with loop locks and channel locks.

Gain productivity and reduce ladder-time with Hilti’s complete portfolio of wire hanging solutions. 

Flexible solutions for your job

The MW Wire Suspension System offers more flexible hanging solutions compared to traditional methods like duct strap, threaded rod and jack chain.

Ideal for overhead hanging of spiral and rectangular HVAC ducting and lighting applications

Up to 5x faster, helping to increase productivity and reduce costs

Provides an aesthetically pleasing look for for HVAC and electrical jobs

Offers multiple fastening options for a variety of base materials

Ready to install

Save on logistics

Hilti's MW Wire Suspension System is lighter to ship, easier to store and safer to move around the jobsite than threaded rod.

Have all your material ready to install onsite in one package —the wire, end fitting and lock are shipped in a single box, allowing for simpler inventory management.

System Components

BX wire hanger

  • Overhead hanging of HVAC and electrical system for load capacity up to 30 lbs 
  • From floor access with pole tools for extra convenience 
  • Innovative and unique loop lock with built-in safety nut feature 
  • Only system that works with a battery actuated fastening tool
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DX Wire Hanger

  • Overhead hanging of HVAC and electrical system for load capacity up to 100 lbs 
  • From floor access with pole tools for added convenience 
  • Available with both loop lock and channel lock 
  • Fastener is pre-assembled to the clip
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Anchor Hanger

  • Overhead hanging of HVAC and electrical system for load capacity up to 200 lbs 
  • Innovative and unique loop lock and channel lock with built-in safety nut 
  • Ventilation angles for increased productivity 
  • Compatible with Hilti anchors 
  • Design and model within PROFIS MSE software

Design with Hilti

Use Hilti's PROFIS Modular Supports Engineering platform to design model code compliant wire hanging solutions.

Hilti also provides comprehensive specification language and pre-designed CAD and BIM objects to help simplify the design process.