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Firestop Sleeves & Pathways

Pre-formed and easy-to-inspect firestop sleeves for cable penetrations. Designed for buildings in which airflow control and cost-effective maintenance is key, such as hospitals and data centers

Pre-formed and easy-to-inspect firestop sleeves for cable penetrations. Designed for buildings in which airflow control and cost-effective maintenance is key, such as hospitals and data centers
CFS-SL GP Firestop gangplate Stud- or surface-mounted gangplate to increase the capacity of firestop speed sleeves and simplify cable management
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Hilti Firestop Sleeves and Pathways

Fire protection solutions for a wide range of cabling applications

We're bringing game-changing flexibility to our existing firestop portfolio with the addition of the CFS-MSL modular firestop sleeve. The newest addition to our low-voltage pathway portfolio joins our speed sleeves to help provide maximum design versatility, cable capacity and protection.  

Added versatility and cable capacity not only helps cover most applications and optimize installation footprints, but also helps preserve property and protect lives.

A complete portfolio to help cover the most challenging building projects

Modular sleeves

  • Modular design to connect different sleeve sizes together in wall frames and floor grids
  • Help maximize cable capacity per wall footprint
  • Modular design to enable custom layouts, retrofits and future cable additions
  • Designed to fit most common cable tray and stud-to-stud widths
  • Green-building ready design with no chemicals used in assembly

Speed sleeves

  • Industry-leading firestop pathway device for airflow control
  • Fast installation, using only a drill and hole saw
  • Ideal for mission-critical facilities where installation speed and airflow containment are top of mind
  • Additional Green Building certifications including EPD and C2C MHC on top of VOC Emissions and Content

Modular sleeve solutions

Help beat delays, inspection headaches and budgets

Our CFS-MSL modular sleeves allow contractors to use less devices to get the job done, controlling costs and helping to drive increased productivity. The retrofittable design and vast selection of ganging frames provides contractors with a solution for most low voltage cabling jobs in new buildings and renovations. Our inspection-ready devices help inspections run more smoothly with less project delays.

CFS-MSL GPR Retrofit gang plates

Retrofittable, surface-mounted gang plates for installing modular firestop sleeves after drywall. Ideal to optimize cable capacity in 16” on center studs.

CFS-MSL GPA Adjustable gang plates

Ideal solution for high cable density requirements in walls. Can be easily adjusted for varying capacity requirements in future cable additions.

CFS-MSL GPP Pre-install gang plates

Stud-mounted gang plates for installing modular fire sleeves before drywall. Covers most common 16’ and 21” on-center studs applications.

CFS-MSL FGR Floor grids

1, 2, 3 and 4 rows floor grid frames for high-capacity, fire-rated cable installations through floors. Ideal for electrical risers where overall footprint matters.

More flexibility when it matters most

Healthcare facilities

Airflow control can assist hospital facilities in the preventing the spread of airborne diseases. And, as hospitals expand, fast interventions may be needed to help ensure minimal disturbance of patients. Our new modular sleeve system can help control airflow and is easy to retrofit for ongoing expansions while our speed sleeve offers industry-leading airflow control.

Learn more about our solutions for healthcare facilities

Data centers

In data centers, constant high-volume cabling moves, adds and changes (MACs) represent a significant challenge for any fire barrier. MACs may cause variances in temperature and room pressurization, which can negatively affect the efficiency of operating servers. Our new modular sleeves are easy to deploy, flexible and help maximize cable capacity in walls and floors to help ensure a reliable fire barrier during frequent cable repenetrations and MACs.  

Learn more about our solutions for data centers
Hilti firestop solutions

Discover our extensive array of firestop solutions

Hilti offers an extensive portfolio of firestopping solutions to address projects needs from through penetration and fire resistive joints to curtain wall and edge of slab. Learn more about our extensive array of firestopping products and solutions.

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