Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator

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The last thing you want on any anchoring job is to run out of adhesive with only a dozen anchors left to install. At the same time, you want to minimize waste—and avoid unnecessary costs and inventory.

The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator draws on installation data using all types of Hilti adhesives and anchors—and with multiple sizes of rebar. Use it to compare product options, and even modify your calculations based on the specific installation conditions at your job site.

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Pre-cut anchor rods

Complete your chemical anchoring applications efficiently, hassle-free, and without compromising your budget.

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Cut-to-length custom-made anchor rods

Hilti now offers a "cut-to-length" service for custom-made anchor rods. Select from 8 material types, diameters up to 2-1/2", and anchor rod lengths up to 48".

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PROFIS Engineering Suite

Calculate and design for cast-in-place and post-installed anchor scenarios correctly the first time.

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See just how much research and experience goes into making sure you get the right results in any application. Check out the Adhesive Calculation Methodology page. 

For tips and advice on improving productivity using Hilti adhesive anchor systems, visit the Anchor Design Center.