Relative Humidity Monitoring

Concrete Sensors enable you to monitor the jobsite relative humidity (RH%) of your concrete

We understand the challenges of  projects where manufacturers require certain minimal humidity levels of jobsite concrete in order to maintain warranties. We also know the rate at which concrete loses moisture is affected by many variables, and meeting those RH levels can take months. And required borehole testing to confirm humidity levels before product installation is often performed too early and can be expensive and inaccurate, leading to more testing at additional costs. 

With the wireless HCS TH1 concrete sensor, you can track the relative humidity in your concrete slab, helping you stay on top of ordering flooring and scheduling installation, while also minimizing testing costs. 

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Versatile and easy-to-install wireless concrete sensors monitor the current curing temperature of your jobsite concrete. The HCS TH1 “all-in-one” solution is the only wireless sensor that includes all three types of concrete monitoring: temperature, strength, and relative humidity. The sensors record and store the temperature every 30 minutes and a relative humidity data point every 6 hours for reports and alerts.

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Wireless data collection

From up to 100 feet away, collect data from concrete sensors embedded up to 6 inches deep using from your Bluetooth enabled smart phone with the free mobile app. For easy localization, the app allows you to upload plans, and drop pins to mark the locations when installing the sensors in formwork. 

Easy and Functional

With the ability to quickly scan sensors, set up projects, and start monitoring, our free mobile app allows you to easily monitor concrete on your projects from your smart phone. Get automated real-time alerts and customize notifications so you can take action as soon as possible. Save time with the integrated best-in-class report generator and fulfill documentation requirements of your thermal control plans — simply click a button and share daily reports with your project team. The free app also provides a collaborative platform and includes an  unlimited number of users.