Construction worker using Hilti SafeSet installation method with VC 140-2-22 "vac-pack" vacuum and TE 60-22 cordless rotary hammer. HDE 500-22 cordless adhesive dispenser, HIT-RE 100 adhesive anchor


The next generation of the Hilti SafeSet system helps eliminate steps during anchor installation

Make the toughest of jobsite conditions work for you. Experience the perks of the first and fully cordless anchor setting system that helps ensure faster and more reliable anchor installation every time. 

  • Save up to 60% on installation time by eliminating hole cleaning with the VC 140 “vac pack” and a Hilti Hollow Drill Bit—the only system designed to work in damp concrete without load reduction.
  • Take the guess work out of proper mortar injection with the HDE 500 Smart Dispenser that communicates the proper dispensing dosage and lets you know when a replacement is needed.

In other words, the SafeSet system is a faster, easier and safer way to set anchors.

Why choose Hilti SafeSet?

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Save time

Conventional adhesive anchor installation is performed with six manual operations, but the SafeSet system streamlines the process by cleaning holes as you drill them. With SafeSet, your installation time is reduced by at least 36 minutes per hour—up to 60%.

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Improve performance

Up to 70% of performance is lost when holes are not properly cleaned. Harmful lingering silica dust weakens the hold, which considerably reduces the capacity of your anchors and has the potential to invade the lungs. Thanks to SafeSet's clean-as-you-go design, concrete is drilled and anchors are installed virtually dust-free.

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Save money

The new HDE 500 Smart was developed to bring precision to mortar injection – that means proper mixing, initial discard and dosing. All of these new functionalities result in less mortar waste – up to 20% savings on expensive injectable mortars. 

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The Hilti SafeSet system is the only dust-removal system on the market designed to work in damp concrete without load reduction to bond capacity, eliminating the need for re-design when tough jobsite conditions arise. Weather conditions that previously had the power to impact your productivity suddenly become afterthoughts.

Hilti SafeSet vs. the conventional method

Safeset Method

The SafeSet system is a proven way to automatically clean the hole as you drill into concrete. When used correctly, SafeSet can help save on installation time while limiting the operator's exposure to silica dust. 

What are the steps?

  • Drill and hole clean in one step 
  • Auto discard to mix properly with Smart HDE 500-22 Dispenser
  • Dispense chemical adhesive
  • Insert the anchor 

What do you need?

Conventional Method

The conventional, manual method can be used with epoxy and hybrid chemical anchors. With multiple steps (blow twice, brush twice, blow twice), the process can be time consuming, harmful and leave room for error.

What are the steps?

  • Drill the hole 
  • Blow twice
  • Brush twice
  • Blow twice 
  • Dispense the proper amount to mix the chemical adhesive
  • Dispense the chemical adhesive
  • Insert the anchor 

What do you need?

Shop Hilti SafeSet Products

HIT-HY 200-R

HIT-HY 200-R V3

Hybrid adhesive for rebar and heavy-duty anchoring

Shop HIT-HY 200-R V3

HIT-RE 500 V3

Resin epoxy adhesive for rebar and heavy-duty anchoring

Shop HIT-RE 500 V3
HIT-HY 100 hybrid adhesive anchor image

HIT-HY 100

Hybrid adhesive for anchoring in concrete

Shop HIT-HY 100

HIT-RE 100

Resin epoxy for anchoring in concrete

Shop HIT-RE 100

Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor

Dual Action anchor for fastening in concrete with performance of adhesive anchors and installation speed and simplicity of screw anchors

Shop Kwix-X
Hollow drill bit hammer drill bits image

Hollow drill bit

Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) and SDS Max (TE-Y) hammer drill bits

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HIT-Z ultimate performance anchor rod image


Ultimate-performance anchor rod

Shop HIT-Z

HDE 500-22 Cordless adhesive dispenser

Battery-powered hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchor dispenser with smart features to increase speed, safety and reduce waste (Nuron battery platform)

Shop the HDE 500-22

VC 140-2-22 Cordless Vacuum

High-suction wet/dry cordless vacuum with optional backpack for tool dust extraction (Nuron battery platform)

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