Hilti’s adhesive anchors provide high-performance on tough jobsites that the competition just can’t match

Take weather out of the equation

Hilti and DeWalt® slow and fast cure adhesive comparison table; slow cure adhesives; HIT-RE 500 V3; Pure110+; minimum base material temperature; 23°F; 41°F; Cure time at 41°F; 24 hours; 2 days; cure time at 50°F; 16 hours; 1 day; fast cure adhesives; HIT-HY 200 V3 A; HIT-HY 200 V3 R; AC200+; AC200 plus; working time at 90°F; 3 minutes; 9 minutes; 2 minutes; working time at 14°F; 7 hours; 20 hours

Hilti’s high-performance adhesive anchors offer faster cure times in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and work times that allow crews to accomplish installation steps safely in temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to DeWalt®, Hilti products provide unmatched performance that helps you stay productive in adverse conditions.

Options include:  

  • HIT-HY 200-A V3: faster cure times down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit
  • HIT-HY 200-R V3: slower cure times for more working time up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • HIT-RE 500 V3:  the fastest slow-cure epoxy on the market that performs in temperatures down to 23 degrees Fahrenheit

Productivity the competition can't match

Bond Strength in Tension Competitive Performance: Hilti vs DeWalt Bond Strength in Tension load x threaded rod diameter comparison chart for Water Saturated conditions; Hilti HIT-HY 200 V3; DeWalt AC200+ ; 3/8” +19%; 1/2” +29%; 5/8” +24%; 3/4” +22%; 7/8” +26%; 1” +30%; 1-1/4” +42%; conditions single anchor, hammer drill installation, water saturated concrete, threaded rod, 4000psi, cracked concrete, Periodic Inspection, 72 °F in service temperature. Chart data based on ICC-ESR 4868 Table 15 and ICC-ESR 4027 Table 6. DeWalt is a registered trademark of Stanley Black & Decker

The new HIT-HY 200 V3 fast cure high-performance adhesive offers increased versatility, durability and ease of use—even in adverse conditions that would usually bring jobsites to a screeching halt. It maintains load capacity in demanding conditions like water-saturated concrete or diamond cored holes.*

HY 200 V3 is the only adhesive that can be paired with the torque-controlled HIT-Z rod, which makes manually cleaning the drilled hole unnecessary. These adhesive anchors can be used with threaded rods, internally threaded inserts and reinforcing bars in diameters ranging from ¼” to 1¼”. 

Set faster than the competition with SafeSet

In 2013, Hilti introduced SafeSet – a system that reduces or eliminates the removal of concrete dust and debris between the drilling and cleaning steps of installation. HY 200 could be used with a Hilti hollow drill bit and vacuum system for automatic hole cleaning, or with a HIT-Z torque-controlled rod and standard hammer drilling that requires zero hole cleaning.

Whether your concrete is wet or dry, SafeSet makes setting anchors faster, easier and safer. It’s the first system that does more than just drill and clean holes. It also includes smart dispensing of the adhesive, removing guesswork about proper dosages and when to discard.

Learn more about SafeSet

Fewer dispensers = more productivity

Adhesive anchor cartridges come in a variety of sizes depending on the application. The competition usually requires a different dispenser for each product, but we’re here to help our customers work smarter. Our dispensers are designed to work with our core portfolio of six high-performance adhesives, so say goodbye to searching the jobsite for the right equipment and simply switch out adhesives and nozzles to keep on working.

More efficient than ever

When you combine HY 200 V3 with the next generation SafeSet system, the result is a faster, easier and safer anchor installation workflow. With all-weather performance you can count on, easy installation and a single connected tool platform, the difference between Hilti and DeWalt® is clear.

Improved rebar & jobsite resilience performance icon

Improved rebar & jobsite resilience

  • Up to 30% better loads for rebar
  • Water-saturated loads same as dry concrete
  • Better performance in high temperature ranges
  • New water-filled borehole option for rebar and threaded rods
New ESRs for concrete and masonry Certification Records icon

New ESRs for concrete and masonry

  • All new loads and applications are backed by ICC-ES code
Enhanced installation instructions compliance icon

Enhanced installation instructions

  • Online Instructions For Use (IFU) that generates custom steps based on your application inputs
Next Generation SafeSet system battery icon

Next Generation SafeSet system

  • New powerful, cordless TE 60 and TE 30 hammer drills
  • New VC 140 “vac-pack” vacuum allows for maximum mobility on the jobsite
  • New HDE Smart battery-powered dispenser is cross-compatible with the core Hilti adhesive portfolio and automates tricky injection steps