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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for performing light and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for performing light and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete
SIW 6-22 ½” Cordless impact wrench Power-class cordless impact wrench with 1/2" friction ring anvil for a wide range of concrete anchoring and steel or wood bolting (Nuron battery platform)
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Cordless Impact Wrenches

From compact to high-torque, Hilti has you covered

The wait is over. Hilti now offers more performance from compact tools that weigh less. You and your team deserve every opportunity to help reach maximum jobsite productivity, and we're here to partner with you in the process.

As part of our new 22V Nuron all-on-one cordless platform, you can get more done, reducing the need to stop and switch out batteries.

Features and Benefits of Hilti cordless impact wrenches

Nuron battery technology

The Nuron lithium-ion battery platform provides greater run time per charge to help enable improved productivity. 

Built tough

Hilti customers can expect a longer life from our cordless power tools. With the brushless motor and robust ring anvil in our impact wrenches, you can count on it. 

Help increase user productivity

These cordless impact wrenches are shorter and lighter than their predecessors allowing for a more productive experience as you anchor and bolt all day.  

Speeding things up

Use our Nuron impact wrenches with brushless motors and higher efficiency hammering mechanisms to help deliver better production on applications.

In a tight spot?

The compact design of the SIW 4AT-22, SIW 6-22 and SIW 8-22 cordless impact wrenches help make them the right tool for higher productivity, and ideal for use in tight spaces. Powered by the Nuron battery platform, these tools have a variable speed trigger providing you with your choice of speeds to help control torque. Our improved LED light helps enables a better view of your application. 

Worker in elevator shaft using the SIW 4R

When your space is even more limited

An essential tool for bolting and fastening in confined areas or with limited space, the SIW 4R-223/8" Right-angled impact wrench has a cordless, short body design, making it a better fit for your tool crib. With the smart design and higher-performing Nuron platform, this tool with help you bolt and fasten with greater power and productivity.


Setting anchors in concrete

  • Structural and non-structural base plates
  • Formwork 
  • Hand rails
  • Ledgers 
  • General screw anchoring

Metal bolting

  • Primary and secondary steel structures
  • Hand rails
  • Racking
  • Machinery, equipment

Setting lag bolts in wood

  • Concrete formwork
  • Wood structures

SIW 4AT-22 and SI AT-22

Anchoring done with more efficiency

Powered by the all-on-one Nuron cordless platform, you can get more work per charge in a more compact tool body. The SIW 4AT-22 includes features such as three speed modes, a bright LED light to illuminate your work, and a tethering option for added safety.

Built for 3/8" to 5/8" diameter fasteners, the SIW 4AT-22, paired with the SI AT-22 module, measures the tension on each fastener to help ensure correct installation. This pair can be used with KB anchors, MT bolts and HAC channel bolts to help with quality control and documentation of work done.

How to choose the right impact wrench

What is a cordless impact wrench used for?

An impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool which delivers higher rotational torque and higher torque output with minimal effort. It is great for tightening and loosening bolts, lug nuts and rusted fasteners. 

What is the difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

While these two tools may look similar, they are better suited to different applications. Impact drivers often come with a 1/4” hex collet that accepts 1/4” hex shank bits. They tend to be more focused on speed rather than power and are more suited to smaller projects. Impact wrenches usually come with a square drive, available in different sizes. The main difference is the higher impact force an impact wrench can produce. This can make impact wrenches heavier, but better suited for tougher jobs where more power, or torque, is required, such as fastening larger anchors, hex-head bolts, nuts, lag screws, or tackling extremely tight, or rusted fasteners.

What size impact wrench do I need?

The size of an impact wrench is mostly related to the size of the bolts you will be working with, and the torque that is required. Generally speaking, the bigger the impact wrench, the bigger bolts it can handle, and the more torque it provides.

What chuck size do I need for my impact wrench?

All impact wrenches have a square drive chuck, and these come in different sizes, such as 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”. The chuck size relates to the impact socket you want to use.

How much power do I need when choosing an impact wrench?

When it comes to impact wrenches, power is measured by torque. The higher the torque value, the greater the force, but be aware that there is no way to accurately measure the maximum torque of an impact wrench, so it is always best to request a demonstration, or test the wrench with the application.

What mistakes should I avoid when using an impact wrench?

  • Using the wrong-size tool for the fastener. Using a large tool on a small fastener may lead to improper installation.
  • Mismatching sockets: impact wrenches are not compatible with regular sockets and can cause slippage and damage when under strain. Be sure to use the correct sockets for your wrench.
  • Over-tightening: it is easier to overtighten when using an impact wrench as it will continue to tighten as long as the trigger is pulled.
  • Damaging threads: it is better to start the bolt or nut by hand, as using your fingers will let you know if the hole and the fastener are properly aligned.
  • Using impact sockets past their lifetime. Rounded edges and corners on the drive or fastener side indicate it may be time for a new socket. 

Why choose Hilti power tools?

We stand behind our customers and the quality of our tools. That's why we offer two year wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping and labor on us. We also offer a one-day turnaround in our repair centers to help avoid unproductive downtime.

Learn more about our tool warranty

Discover the Nuron difference

With Nuron, run all your tools on one cordless platform with extended battery life. You can use fewer batteries and chargers on the jobsite while still getting more run time with tools that can deliver more power than 36V, corded or gas.

Learn more about Nuron

Help boost productivity with tool services

Help avoid costly downtime, boost productivity and gain greater control over your inventory and costs with Hilti's digital tool services. Hilti offers many solutions to help keep your team and equipment running smoothly.

Learn more about Hilti's tool services
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