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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for performing light and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for performing light and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete
SIW 6-22 ½” Cordless impact wrench Power-class cordless impact wrench with 1/2" friction ring anvil for a wide range of concrete anchoring and steel or wood bolting (Nuron battery platform)
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Cordless Impact Wrenches

From mid-torque to high-torque, Hilti has you covered

Gone are the days when the only way to get powerful torque output was to be tethered to a corded power tool. You and your team deserve the freedom that come with using Hilti cordless impact wrenches. 

As part of our new 22V Nuron cordless platform, you can get more done, reducing the need to stop and switch out batteries.

Features and Benefits

Nuron battery technology

The Nuron lithium-ion battery platform provides greater amount of run time per charge enabling improved productivity. Our fast chargers help you save time.

Built tough

Hilti customers know they can expect a longer life from our power tools. With the brushless motor and hog ring anvil in our impact wrenches, you can count on it. 

Help increase user comfort

These impact wrenches are shorter and lighter than their predecessor allowing for a more comfortable experience as you anchor and bolt all day.  

Speeding things up

Two speed settings on our impact wrenches allow for securing fasteners quicker and our LED light helps you get it done with precision. 

In a tight spot?

With versatility and comfort in mind, Hilti's engineers have decreased both the length and weight of our impact wrenches by 20%. The compact design of the SIW 6-22 and SIW 8-22 impact wrenches make them the right tool to get into tight spaces. Powered by the Nuron battery platform, these power tools have a variable speed trigger providing you with the choice of two speeds to help control torque. Our improved LED light enables a better view of your application. 


Setting HUS anchors in concrete

  • Structural and non-structural base plates
  • Formwork 
  • Hand rails
  • Ledgers 
  • General screw anchoring

Metal bolting

  • Primary and secondary steel structures
  • Hand rails
  • Racking
  • Machinery, equipment

Setting lag bolts in wood

  • Concrete formwork
  • Wood structures

Choose the right output torque for your project

The SIW 6-22 1/2" Cordless impact wrench

  • Anvil type: 1/2" hog ring
  • Max torque: 221 ft-lbs (1); 332 ft-lbs (2)
  • Nut busting torque: 448 ft/lbs
Shop the SIW 6-22 Cordless impact wrench

The SIW 8-22 1/2" Cordless impact wrench

  • Anvil type: 1/2" hog ring
  • Max torque: 443 ft-bs (1); 738 ft-lbs (2)
  • Nut busting torque: 1,217 ft/lbs
Shop the SIW 8-22 Cordless impact wrench

Choose your sockets

SI-S 1/2" S Short impact socket

For more compact tasks, choose Hilti's short impact sockets to use with your cordless impact wrench.

Shop short impact sockets

1/2" S-NSD Impact socket set

Hilti's long impact wrench sockets are great for reaching recessed fasteners.

Shop long impact sockets

Why choose Hilti power tools?

We stand behind our customers and the quality of our tools. That's why we offer two year wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping and labor on us. We also offer a one-day turnaround in our repair centers to help avoid unproductive downtime.

Learn more about our tool warranty

Discover the Nuron difference

With Nuron, run all your tools on one cordless platform with extended battery life. You'll need fewer batteries and chargers on the jobsite while still getting more run time with tools that can deliver more power than 36V, corded or gas.

Learn more about Nuron

Help boost productivity with tool services

Help avoid costly downtime, boost productivity and gain greater control over your inventory and costs with Hilti's digital tool services. Hilti offers many solutions to help keep your team and equipment running smoothly.

Learn more about Hilti's tool services
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