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Cordless Impact Drivers

Show me 12V and 22V cordless impact drivers designed for performing light and heavy-duty driving in metal, wood and concrete

Show me 12V and 22V cordless impact drivers designed for performing light and heavy-duty driving in metal, wood and concrete
SID 6-22 Cordless impact driver Power-class cordless impact driver with high-speed brushless motor and precise handling to help you save time on high-volume fastening jobs (Nuron battery platform)
SID 4-22 Cordless impact driver Compact brushless impact driver optimized for more reliable and efficient non-structural fastening in wood and metal (Nuron battery platform)
SID 4-A22 Impact driver Compact-class cordless 22V impact driver with 1/4" hexagonal click-in chuck for medium-duty applications in wood, metal and other materials

Cordless Impact Drivers

Make an impact on the jobsite

With all-day performance and the power and speed to finish jobs faster, Hilti's 22v Nuron battery-powered impact drivers are designed with a high-efficiency brushless motor and is tether-ready for added jobsite safety. We're ready to accelerate productivity. Are you?

Features of Hilti cordless impact drivers

Impressive speed

Hilti's brushless motor, high RPM and quicker trigger time helps you drive screws faster and get more done, as documented in Hilti's Nuron special edition magazine. 

LED light ring

Our LED light ring around the chuck helps provide a clear, unobstructed view of your application.

Longer runtime per battery charge

Our Nuron 22V lithium-ion batteries and high efficiency brushless motor help contribute to Hilti's longest-ever working time per charge.

Compact size

With dimensions of 5.43" x 2.68" x 8.11", our compact SID 6-22 Cordless Impact driver can fit into more spaces to fasten screws and bolts.

Ergonomic configuration

Whether you're working all day fastening overhead, on the floor, or anywhere in-between, it's noticeable our compact impact drivers were made with your comfort in mind.  

    SID 4R-22 Right-angle impact driver

    Screwdriving and fastening in hard-to-reach places just got easier with the new Nuron-powered SID 4R-22 1/4" Right-angled impact driver. Its compact, cordless design allows you to tackle jobs more easily in difficult to maneuver spaces, helping you achieve more productivity regardless of challenges you may face with fastening point locations.

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    SID 4-22 Cordless impact driver

    Adding more reliability and efficiency to your jobsite, all at a remarkable value, the Nuron-powered SID 4-22 compact impact driver is a tool for every tool crib. This compact design has a higher-efficiency brushless motor and improved ergonomics for better productivity and greater versatility on the jobsite. The SID 4-22 has a 1/4" chuck surrounded by four LED lights to better illuminate your work.

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Applications for Hilti's cordless impact drivers

Fastening wood to wood

Variable-speed impact driver for fastening wood to wood

Self-drilling screws

Optimized for drilling through metal and driving threads to completion with less worry of stripping screws

Concrete fasteners

Higher-performing and long-lasting runtime ideal for driving concrete screw anchors such as HUS (max. diameter 3/8") 

High-speed fastening

The SID 4-22 is made for high-speed fastening such as metal deck, stud framing, HVAC, formwork, prefab and glazing

Uncompromise with Nuron

Powered by the Nuron cordless platform, Hilti cordless impact drivers (also referred to as "impact drills") help enable your team to set fasteners with higher speed and efficiency. With Nuron, you and your tools are connected. Data flows from the tool to the battery during use, and to the cloud when the battery is charged. Data is shared such as tool location and idle tool utilization, presenting the opportunity for idle tools to be moved where they're needed. 

Long-lasting accessories for long-lasting tools

S-B (IMP) Diamond impact screwdriver bit

High-performance bit with diamond coating and impact zone for use with impact drivers

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S-B (T) HF Screwdriver bit

Professional-performance bit with torsion zone and holding function for better sticking in soft joint applications

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S-BH (IMP) Impact bit holder

High-performance bit holder with impact zone for use with impact drivers

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S-NS (C) Nut setter

Nut setter with non-magnetic, ball-lock screw retention for use with hex-head screws

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FAQs when buying cordless impact drivers

What is a cordless impact driver used for?

Impact drivers provide both the rotational force that you get with a drill plus impact for greater efficiency in driving screws and nuts. They are great for more safely and quickly driving in fasteners into tougher base materials such as steel, wood, masonry and concrete. Impact drivers are often shorter in length than drill drivers, allowing better access for some applications. 

What is the difference between a cordless drill driver and a cordless impact driver?

The main difference between a drill driver and an impact driver is the power and rotational action you get with an impact driver. Impact drivers produce a lot of rotational force and more torque than drills, and are better for driving screws, whereas drills are better suited to boring holes. In addition, impact drivers are usually smaller and lighter than drills, making it more comfortable to use them for longer periods of time, and in tight spaces.

What should I look for when choosing a cordless impact driver?

Safety: If used incorrectly, power tools can cause injuries or damage to materials. The advantage of impact drivers is their lack of reactionary torque while delivering better performance. The impact driver sends its energy to the drive head instead of to your wrist, helping to reduce the risk of fatigue or wrist injuries.

Power: If you are planning to do a higher number of settings (such as over 100 per day) then you are going to want more power (more torque), and a longer lasting battery.

Torque control: Two or more speeds or torque settings on your impact driver will give you more torque control, helping to lessen the risk of damage to the fasteners or base materials.

Ergonomics: As you may be using your impact driver for long periods of time, it is important that the tool is easier to handle. Look for a more ergonomic grip and lower weight when making your choice.

Durability: The design of the motor, hammering mechanism, electronics and housing should work together more unified, helping your impact driver to last for years to come.

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Hilti's outstanding warranty

While most competitors only cover manufacturer defect for their power tools, Hilti proudly partners with you by covering wear and tear on our power tools, with a stellar turnaround time. 

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