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PROFIS Engineering Suite

Tackle all your anchor design projects with minimal effort and maximum accuracy

Our cloud-based anchor design software enables automatic and advanced calculating, easy specifying and integrated BIM modeling - increasing productivity and improving value.

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profis engineering design software suite

PROFIS Engineering Suite

Unleash your productivity

Reduce Design Time

With PROFIS Engineering Suite, connection design time is reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes.

Improve Accuracy

Automatic load transfers, multiple load combination processing, and BIM/CAD model generation reduces errors, ensuring your specifications are accurate.

Increase Efficiency

Cloud access allows users to work on and share the most up-to-date design files. Improve transparency, increase efficiency, and accelerate project schedules.


comprehensive anchor design

Comprehensive Anchor Design

Anchor, base plate, and concrete over metal deck calculation capabilities make it easy to complete your entire job in one simple application.

base plate analysis

Base Plate Analysis

Analyze your base plate using AISC Design Guide 1, Second Edition or a finite element methodology to determine if your base plate is rigid.

cloud-based platform

Cloud-Based Platform

An integrated cloud-based platform keeps stakeholders connected and data up to date. It also means you can access your designs from any device in any location.

bim/cad modeling

BIM/CAD Modeling

Automatically import 2D and 3D BIM/CAD objects directly into your design model, removing time-consuming, error-prone manual sketching.

user friendly

User Friendly

Easily navigate and create designs with a favorites tab, movable design parameters, user-defined templates, undo/redo button, and customizable reports.

on-demand support

On-Demand Support

Easily navigate and create designs with a favorites tab, movable design parameters, user-defined templates, undo/redo button, and customizable reports.

From Our Customers

I’m looking forward to creating customized template files our office can share online to address common anchorage situations we encounter every day. Customizable template files and design reports should save our firm time and improve our efficiency on common design tasks.

David Hackney, PE, Structural Engineer
Hollis and Miller

In Hilti’s hands, we have high expectations that we can accomplish more with PROFIS Engineering Suite’s anchoring into concrete on deck module and anticipate that the software will help us solve complex anchor design challenges.

Valerie Baehr, PE, Senior Project Manager
PMA Engineering

Why upgrade to Profis Engineering Suite?

PROFIS Engineering Suite Standard
Cloud-enabled access and file sharing via desktop, tablet or smartphone
Multiple ACI and CSA Codes
Detailed anchor design reports
Post-installed anchors
Cast-in-place anchors
Rigid base plate analysis x
Anchoring to masonry x
Concrete over metal deck base material x
Load engine* x
Multiple load combinations x
Import loads from Excel x
Customizable reports x
Quick exporting to BIM/CAD x

*Load engine: import loads from Excel, calculate multiple load combinations simultaneously, directly input factored loads or use the input service to factor loads for you
**View PROFIS Engineering Suite Licensing

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