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World of Concrete 2023 is over, but our innovative new products still want to meet you

We are excited to share that we are adding even more new cordless tools to our Nuron platform which can help eliminate steps and increase productivity with your crew.

Tools to help promote efficiency on the jobsite

TE 5-22

The new  TE 5-22 SDS Plus cordless rotary hammer powers through the tougher jobs with three operation modes for hammer drilling and chiseling.  Keeping safety top of mind,  it is equipped with Active Torque Control (ATC) to help prevent wrist injuries by stopping the tool from spinning if a drill bit jams, and comes tether-ready for drop protection.

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NCV 10-22 and NCV 4-22

Hilti's NCV 10-22 Ultimate Concrete Vibrator and NCV 4 Compact Concrete Vibrator help ensure a quality concrete pour every time without the hassle of corded or gas-powered concrete vibration solutions.

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DSH 700-22

With Hilti's battery powered cut-off saw, use less effort to cut through concrete, metal, and masonry - both indoors and out. 

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NMX 6-22

Hilti’s NMX 6-22 Cordless mixer, powered by self-optimizing, intelligent Nuron batteries, offers more work per charge and multiple speed settings when mixing materials such as ready-to-use concrete, plaster, drywall mud, adhesives, and more for your building construction and interior finish jobs.

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TE 2000-22

Powerful and light cordless jackhammer for breaking up concrete and other demolition work. 

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Charge faster and get location and utilization information access with Hilti's new C-8 Fast charger. 

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From cutting lumber, fastening, anchoring and even vibrating concrete, Hilti offers everything you need to help you achieve maximum productivity for your formwork applications.

With Hilti’s Nuron cordless platform, you can add efficiency to your formwork jobs. Nuron’s intelligent, cloud-connected batteries offer built-in diagnostics, battery state of health and insights on tool usage and location – without compromising on power-packed performance. With Hilti's Nuron cordless platform and paired with Hilti tool inserts and accessories you can add efficiency to your formwork jobs.

Jobsite Solutions

ON!Track Asset Management

ON!Track can track all jobsite tools and equipment, regardless of manufacturer, as well as enable digital management of safety certifications, tool maintenance, and digital or on-site training. Hilti Replenish, supported by ON!Track 3.0, makes it easier to take control of your inventory by giving you the flexibility to view and update current stock and reorder or automate future orders all from the palm of your hand.

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Tool Fleet Management

Tool Fleet Management gives you access to the latest tools at a fixed monthly cost, without the burden of a large upfront investment. And with Hilti’s Tools on Demand (TOD) program through your Fleet account, you can help minimize your total tool spend in real dollars and eliminate soft costs of moving tools from site to site.

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Help optimize business productivity by digitally connecting the office to the field with Fieldwire jobsite management software. 

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