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At Hilti, we strive to continually improve jobsite safety and productivity with our newest innovations, including solutions that provide more accurate real time information about your jobsite concrete helping you make faster and better decisions.  

We understand the challenges of monitoring the curing of in-field concrete with traditional concrete maturity meters or cylinders, and our wireless HCS concrete sensors along with our free mobile app are the smart, convenient solution that makes keeping track of your concrete's temperature, maturity, and relative humidity easier than ever.

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  • Strength (Maturity) Monitoring

    Curing temperature can have a dramatic impact on curing speed, and jobsite concrete may cure at a different speed from your concrete cylinders. Hilti Concrete Sensors enable you to monitor the jobsite strength of your concrete in real-time.

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    Temperature Monitoring

    Hilti Concrete Sensors allow you to monitor the jobsite curing temperature and temperature differentials within the concrete in real-time. This helps ensure proper curing and compliance with thermal control plans and potentially reducing heating costs in cold weather.

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    Relative Humidity Monitoring

    Tracking relative humidity (RH) in your concrete slab helps optimize ordering and scheduling of flooring installation and mitigate unplanned expenses.

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    How-to Videos

    How-to videos about project and pour setup, sensor installation, alerts and tracking, and gateway setup.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions about Hilti concrete sensors and concrete monitoring.

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The concrete sensor platform consists of a variety of sensors designed for different types of concrete monitoring and data transmission via Bluetooth and long range.

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