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Diamond Grinding Wheels

Find out how our diamond grinding wheels are designed for superior lifetime and removal rate on concrete and a variety of other base materials

Find out how our diamond grinding wheels are designed for superior lifetime and removal rate on concrete and a variety of other base materials
SPX coating removal Ultimate diamond cup wheel for for angle grinders – for removing thin coatings such as paint and adhesive
SPX Finishing pad Ultimate diamond finishing pads for the DGH 130 diamond grinder – for concrete finishing without scratch marks
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Diamond Grinding Wheels

Grind faster and remove more material in less time

Experience increased material removal rates, greater labor efficiency, and best-in-class grinding performance with our extensive diamond grinding cup wheel portfolio. Leverage Hilti’s vertically integrated systems, combining our grinders, cup wheels, and dust control solutions, to deliver unmatched performance.

Hilti offers you an extensive universal portfolio for concrete and stone as well as a wide variety of specialty cup wheels and finishing pads for highly specialized application.

Choose the best for the job

Our diamond grinding wheel portfolio has you covered for concrete bleedings and joints, smooth finishing, abrasive or green concrete, as well as coatings and epoxy removal. Developed with removal speed and productivity in mind, Hilti’s multiline options allow you to choose the level of performance you need based on your budget.

With our unique segment design and advanced core balancing technology, our diamond grinding wheels have low vibration and an extended lifetime due to our patented cooling pins behind each segment, allowing you to grind longer. Our diamond cup wheels deliver high speed grinding by leveraging the large concentration of high-quality diamonds throughout each segment of the cup wheel. 

Make the right choice

It may be that there is a performance level you choose every time – SPX, SP or P – or you might prefer to choose a color based on a given situation. For instance, you will maximize the productivity of experienced workers with red SPX inserts, but you might want to stick with black SP or gray P inserts for your novices, at least until they prove their skill on the job.

Your decision might also depend on the nature of the job itself. Where high performance is required, you might always reach for red, but black or gray may be sufficient where other factors come into play.

All three lines feature the Hilti quality you expect, with low vibration thanks to our advanced core balancing technology and long lifetime due to unique cooling holes behind each segment.

SPX and SP grinding wheels feature a high concentration of quality diamonds, which deliver high speed grinding.

SPX wheels deliver the ultimate in fast and smooth grinding thanks to their advanced segment shape with a high-performance matrix.

Three lines of consumables - choose the line to meet your needs

Ultimate performance for demanding applications

Ultimate performance for demanding applications

  • Highest overall productivity and safety benefits
  • Highest reliability in toughest conditions
Premium performance for a wide range of applications

Premium performance for a wide range of applications

  • High productivity through Hilti system solutions
  • Impressive versatility and reliability
Hilti quality at echonomical price

Hilti quality at an economical price

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