Support for Tool Repair

Starting a new Tool Repair request

Requesting a tool repair on Hilti Online

Requesting a tool repair online is simple, fast and conveinent – allowing you to track the status of your repair along the way. 
  1. Log in to your Hilti account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the browser window
  3. Select 'Repair tools' under Tool management
  4. Check the box(es) to select tool(s) you want and click the 'Repair' button
  5. Fill out the request form, delivery options, purchase order number and click 'Submit Order'. Shipping label(s) will be emailed to you – print, attach to box and ship

Other ways to request a tool repair

You can also submit a tool repair through the ON!Track mobile app, Hilti Store locations, or by calling customer service.

Learn more about Tool Repair

Tool repairs on Fleet

Hilti Fleet repair service

With Tool Fleet Management, all repair costs are covered, completed within three days, and delivered directly to your jobsite. Batteries, changers and spare parts are also included. 

Learn more about Tool Fleet Management

Requesting a loaner tool

With Tool Fleet Management, you can request a loaner tool during the repair process to help reduce downtime and delay. With loaner tools, you don't need to have back up tools on stock.*

To request a loaner tool for a Fleet tool repair, simply select "Request loaner tool" during Step 1 of the repair process on Hilti Online.

*Some exclusions apply.

Tool repair cost limits

What is Repair Cost Limit?

Repair Cost Limit is a Hilti service that can help provide cost predictability for customers by limiting repair costs of purchased tools to 33% of the cost of a new tool. This allows customers to better predict repair costs to help manage their bottom line.

How to apply Repair Cost Limit

To apply a Repair Cost Limit to a purchase tool:

  1. Log in to your Hilti account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the browser window
  3. Select 'Repair tools' under Tool management
  4. Check the box(es) to select purchased tool(s) you want to repair and click the 'Repair' button
  5. On Step 1, under 'Repair cost limit' section, there is an option to 'Accept the Repair Cost Limit' or 'Request quote if costs are above' and the value of the Repair Cost Limit will be displayed
    1. If you choose to accept the Repair Cost Limit, a traditional quote will not be sent for approval after the tool enters the Tool Service Center.
    2. If you choose to reject the Repair Cost Limit, you can then opt to have a traditional quote provided if repairs are estimated to exceed a certain dollar amount. If the repair costs are lower, you will pay actual amount. If higher, the Tool Service Center will provide a quote after the tool has entered a Tool Service Center.
  6. Finalize the repair by completeing the following steps and submiting the repair request

Tools that eligible for Repair Cost Limit

Repair Cost Limit applies for tool repairs performed outside of our two-year warranty period. In these instances, if you request a tool repair, you can expect to spend no more than 33% of the cost of a new tool equivalent.


Tool repair pick up and delivery

Selecting a return method

We offer two ways to return a tool for repair. You can choose to drop off the tool yourself, or have the tool picked up from a commercial office or warehouse location. 

We know you work on tight deadlines, and with tool repair pick-up, we can help provide an easier repair process. Avoid driving around or waiting in lines by scheduling a repair pick-up from your office, warehouse or jobsite for as early as the next business day.

If you select to have the repair picked up, a shipping label will be provided by the carrier. If you chose to drop off the tool, a shipping label will be sent by email and can be used to ship the tools.

Packaging instructions for mailing tools for repair

Carefully follow all packing instructions when shipping one of our tools. Improper handling can result in delayed shipments or UPS fines. If you have the tool kit box available, you can ship directly in the kit box without the need for additional packaging materials, as long as there are no batteries in the kit box.

To remain in compliance with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), Lithium-ion batteries that are greater than 300 watt-hours (Wh) must only be shipped by persons who are trained, equipped, and designated as HazMat shippers. 

Learn more about battery compliance regulations

Download shipping label instructions

Limited Quantity Products - Booster, Gas Canisters

  • Before placing the UPS label on the box, double check no diamond label marking or other hazard-identifying labels are visible
  • If a diamond label is on the box, remove or cover up the label unless specifically instructed otherwise. In this case, we’ll provide a label


Once the tool is packaged:

  • Drop it with UPS, stop by your local Hilti store, use our ON! Track app to schedule a pickup or contact customer service to schedule a dedicated carrier pickup.
  • Once the Tool Service Center receives your tool, Hilti will repair it same day and return the repaired tool to you within 24 hours

Tools that require special handling

Gas saws

Gas saws cannot be shipped in the air without special approval. When shipped ground (i.e. parcel, LTL, or courier), you must do the following:

  1. Check gas tank for liquid.
  2. Drain all gas.
  3. Purge fumes until tank is dry.
  4. Replace gas cap and tighten securely.
  5. Place saw in a plastic bag and seal.
  6. Place bagged saw in a sturdy box.
  7. Provide plenty of packaging material.

When gas tank is dry, shipping gas saws requires no special labeling or documentation.


The waste container of the vacuum may or may not contain hazardous materials and must be removed as a precaution to avoid any hazardous goods shipping.

  1. Remove the bottom waste container from the vacuum.
  2. Enclose vacuum head in a plastic or trash bag.
  3. Place plastic bag in a sturdy box.
  4. Provide plenty of packaging material.

When the waste container is removed from the vacuum, shipping requires no special labeling or documentation.


DOT regulations require the proper label be placed on the outside of the box when shipping Lithium-ion batteries no greater than 300 watt-hours. Due to strict hazmat requirements in the US, no battery 6 ah or above may be shipped by any person other than a Distribution Center or Hilti Tool Service Center representative. 

If you need a battery warranty replacement, please call Hilti Customer Service at 1-800-879-8000. Our customer service team will help you diagnose and replace your in-service battery or charger within our standard 1-3 business days delivery window, no need to visit a Hilti Store or wait for a diagnostic check in our Repair Centers. A new battery or charger will be shipped to you and the old unit must be returned to Hilti within 30 days to avoid a non-collection fee. 

Learn more about battery compliance regulations

Instructions for shipping ground-only, air-restricted packages.

  1. Always pack battery in a strong and sturdy box.
  2. When shipping battery inside tool kit box, ensure kit box is placed inside another cardboard box.
  3. Total weight of the box cannot exceed 65 pounds.
  4. Cut the label below and tape near the UPS label with clear tape.
  5. Shipment may only be sent via ground services.
  6. Use UN3480 label for individual batteries by themselves.
  7. Use UN3481 if the battery is either contained in equipment or packed with equipment (internal in a laser or packed in a case with a tool not attached).

Tracking a tool repair request

Using Hilti Online to track tool repairs

By submitting a tool repair request on Hilti Online, you'll be able to track the progress of the repair online, anytime, anywhere. 

To track the status of your tool repair: 

  1. Log in to your Hilti account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the browser window
  3. Select 'Repair tracking' under Tool management
  4. Within the list of tools, find the one you want to track and select the corresponding arrow button in the far right column
  5. You will then find detailed information about your tool and the status of the repair throug 6 different steps: order recieved, tool is picked up, arrived in the Tool Service Center, tool in service, Tool service completed and shipping, and tool returned

If you have any questions please contact us and refer to your service number.

Other tool repair services

Fast Tool Exchange

Fast Tool Exchange can help reduce downtime by replacing small repairable products and non-repairable items, such as batteries and chargers, within 1-2 business days. Fast Tool Exchanges are available during a two-year warranty or on Fleet and can be requested by visiting a Hilti Store or calling Customer Service. 

To complete a Fast Tool Exchange by calling Customer Service

  1. Call 1-800-879-8000
  2. Request a Fast Tool Exchange, which will typically ship within two business days
  3. Exchange mailing label will be instantly generated and emailed


To complete a Fast Tool Exchange in a Hilti Store

  1. Bring the original, non-functioning product to the Hilti Store
  2. Request a Fast Tool Exchange
  3. If a replacement product is available in store, the customer can leave with a replacement product the same day

First Contact Trade In

If a repair request is submitted for a tool that is reaching the end of its life or has undergone the maximum number of recommended repairs, our team will offer an immediate trade in. This complementary service enables customers to proactively make informed decisions about whether to repair or replace their tools. All Hilti tools are eligible with no sign up or service agreement. 

If your tool meets the minimum requirements, our team will reach out with a trade-in offer after your repair request is submitted.

Measuring Tool Calibration Service

Hilti tools are all designed to be high precision instruments, but sometimes their accuracy can be affected by harsh conditions. We recommend that you calibrate your measuring instruments regularly, at least once a year.

For more information on our calibration service for measuring tools, visit our Calibration Service page or view our calibration service price list