Hilti technician calibrating a rotating laser


Keep your Hilti measuring tools accurate to original manufacturer’s standards

We offer a calibration service to test and readjust your Hilti measuring tools including laser meters, rotating lasers, point and line lasers, concrete scanners and total stations. You will receive a calibration certificate confirming the tool complies with its original manufacturer’s standards and corresponds to a declaration of conformity according to ISO/IEC 17050-1.

Application of the PLT 400 layout on interior jobsite

Why calibrate measuring tools?

Factors from harsh weather to tough jobsite conditions over time can affect accuracy

Hilti tools are all designed to be high precision instruments, but sometimes their accuracy can be affected by harsh conditions, such as improper storage, temperature fluctuations or mishandling. Accuracy can also be affected over time by rigorous conditions of everyday use.

We recommend that you calibrate your measuring instruments regularly, at least once a year.

Internal company audits can vary. Please check with your company's internal quality policy to see if your measuring instruments need to be calibrated more often.

We also recommend that you regularly field test your measuring instruments, particularly before critical measurement tasks and if your tools have been subjected to harsh conditions.

You can find more information about this in your tool’s operating instructions.

Measuring tool with green laser being calibrated

Measuring tool calibration in three steps

Service covers verification of accuracy, adjustment and a calibration certificate

Our three-step service includes:

1. Verification of accuracy

We compare your tool’s accuracy with the accuracy defined by our manufacturer’s specifications in its user manual.

2. Adjustment, cleaning and service

If the tool doesn’t conform to its original specifications, we adjust the measuring instrument or scanner to return it to specified accuracy. We also clean the tool and check that it’s working correctly before sending it back to you.

3. Documentation

We give you a written report, listing the measurements we’ve carried out for the ingoing and outgoing test values. We also include a calibration certificate confirming that the tool now complies with its original manufacturer’s specifications and corresponds to a declaration of conformity according to ISO/IEC 17050-1.

Tools that Qualify for free "Base Calibration"


Tool with 20-2-1 no cost period

Tools receive one free base calibration per year during the No-Cost period (two in total). Exemptions that will not count towards the free base calibration:

  • The tool has been returned within 30 days after calibration and appears to have arrived back to the customer still out of calibration.
  • The tool required a repair/fix/replacement of parts and calibration is part of repair: calibration is included in the cost of the repair.

All other calibrations are charged as per information above.

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Hilti technician calibrating a fleeted measuring tool

Tool Fleet Management

All Measuring tools receive unlimited free calibrations during the fleet term, including Ferroscan, X-Scan and Total Stations.

Learn more about Tool Fleet Management

Charged Calibration Service

calibration service logo

Calibration Certificate (I): Indicating that the tool was calibrated at a specific date.

Calibration Certificate (II): Shows in addition actual values the specific tool was calibrated to.

See calibration service price list

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