Tool warranty

Warranty redefined.

We stand behind our customers, and the quality of our tools, with an industry leading service promise to match. Which is why we offer two years of wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping, and labor on us. And we know a tool repair means unproductive downtime - which is why we promise one day turnaround in our repair centers to get you back up and running with limited interruption. 

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20 year

Materials and workmanship warranty
Hilti will repair or replace parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years.

2 year

Wear and tear coverage
Hilti will repair tools at no cost for 2 years from the date of purchase.(1) Damage due to wear and tear is covered.(2) No charges for parts, labor, or even shipping.

1 day

In and out of the repair center in one day, guaranteed, or the repair is free.
If Hilti does not repair a tool the same day it is received in a Tool Service Center then the repair is free - including parts, labor and shipping.(3)

Some exceptions apply; grinders, SD 4500, SD 2500, gas saws, WSR corded tools and UD and UH tools do not have wear and tear coverage. Wall saw head, remote control, and E box and wire saw power unit and control box have two year wear and tear coverage or 200 hours of usage, whichever comes first. No other components, accessories, or consumables are included. DX 860 and DX 9 have a one year wear and tear coverage.

 Wear and tear coverage excludes damage due to abuse, or use not in accordance with the tool operator’s manual. The following consumable items are excluded from wear and tear coverage and repair or replacement of those items shall be at customer’s expense: pistons, buffers, and spring clips for powder actuated tools, pull cord assemblies and filters for gas saws and filters for vacuums, and hydraulic jaws, blades and dies for hydraulic tools.

One day repair turnaround time starts when the tool is received at the Tool Service Center (TSC). A repair is only eligible for one day turnaround guarantee if customer approves Repair Cost Limit (RCL) in advance; repairs with authorizations for less than the full RCL and repairs requiring quotes are not eligible. Limit of five tools per company per day per TSC. Tools must be received at TSC via UPS or Purolator. Any delay in credit card authorization voids the 1 day-or-free guarantee. Excluded tools include: total stations, optical devices, detection tools, wall saws, wire saws, and HAT 28. Excludes delays caused by force majeure events ( e.g. hurricanes). Extended no cost warranty does not apply to no-charge repairs.

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