Chemical Anchoring Installation Methods

Anchor installation

Take the guesswork out of adhesive anchor installation

Our solutions for intelligent volume calculations and more precise dosage control can help you get more out of every cartridge, better avoid chemical exposure, and optimize your installations.


The Hilti Volume Calculator makes it easier for professionals to estimate the amount of adhesive mortar per fastening and number of cartridges needed for a job. The must-have mobile app takes your unique working conditions into account to help you make smart calculations in a matter of seconds.

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Less chemical exposure, more precision

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A productive anchor installation requries a high-performing dispenser. The HDE 500-A22 is a smart battery-powered cordless dispenser designed to help simplify the installation process while preventing drips and reducing waste.

  • Simple design: works with our core adhesive portfolio
  • No more dripping nozzles: has an automatic backup feature to prevent dripping
  • Less waste: has a dosing function that delivers a precise amount of adhesive into the hole

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Fewer hazards, more performance

Worker using the HIT-CT1 chemical anchor

Our ultimate performance HIT-RE 500 V3 injectable adhesive anchor doesn't just perform in the most rigorous of jobsite conditions. It boasts some of the leading health and environmental approvals. 

  • LEED V4 Certified
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Products for Drinking Water Applications
  • Green Building Materials Certified

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Hilti SafeSet Installation

To safely install an adhesive anchor, it's important to make sure that the dust and debris are cleaned from the hole. Hilti's SafeSet methods of installation help remove dust and debris, reducing or eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

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