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Features & Applications

  • Handle demanding metal jobs - up to 2000 RPMs combined with unique accessories delivers more speed and power from light to thick metal applications
  • Smaller and slimmer - 20% lighter with a more ergonomic in-line grip means the cordless metal screwdriver is easier to use all day with less user fatigue
  • Consistent speed under load thanks to brushless motor technology
  • Higher quality fastening - thoughtful set of accessories (depth gauge, stand-up system, sandwich guide) and features (clutch, adaptive trigger) to protect against screw failures such as overturning, screw head breakage and burned drill tips
  • Save money on consumables - tailored RPM to torque ratio means fewer broken bits and screws
  • Fastening self-drilling metal screws
  • Screw fastening overlapping profile metal sheets for siding and decking applications (including collated screws)
  • Installing side-laps, sandwich panels and liner trays in building envelope applications
  • Screw fastening in light, medium and thick steel, aluminum and timber substructure
  • Suitable for repetitive application such as prefabricated construction


Hilti Tool Service
Hilti Tool Service

  • Product warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities for 20 years
  • 1 or free, in and out of the repair center the same day or repair is free of charge
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Fleet Management
Fleet Management

We manage your tools so you can manage your business.

  • Monthly usage fee covering all tool, service and repair costs helping to ensure absolute cost control and back-office efficiency.
  • High-performing tools and latest technology help to increase jobsite productivity.
  • Loan tools during repair to reduce downtime.
  • Temporary tools for peak times and special applications help to reduce investments.
  • Theft coverage helps to reduce financial risk and unexpected expenses.
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Go cordless to help fasten faster

ST 2000-22 Cordless metal screwdriver

Experience more seamless, efficient fastening without loud generators or the hassle of cords with the new Nuron-powered ST 2000-22 Cordless metal screwdriver.

Ideal for metal deck fastening, this screwdriver is designed to help your team do more in less time, with less waste.

Productivity without the cords

Nuron tools and batteries help you tackle tough tasks without the need for extension cords and generators, offering higher performance across applications.

Comfort meets performance

Eliminate single-screw installation and deliver more comfort to strenuous fastening with height-adjustable handles.

Precision fastening

The brushless motor and adjustable clutch help ensure proper self-drilling screw installation – eliminating potential rework.

Help beat fatigue

Minimize fatigue when using hand held with "inline grip", helping your team work longer and more comfortably.

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Complete solutions for steel and metal fastening

Discover integrated solutions designed to help simplify your workflow and increase productivity – from start to finish.

See it in action: Benefits of the ST 2000 system

Sidelap fasteners

Self-drilling framing and sidelap screws

Explore our portfolio of collated fasteners for the SDT system and discover how to optimize your designs.