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Jobsite Vacuum Cleaners

Show me corded wet and dry vacuum cleaners designed to help keep your jobsite free of dust, water and slurry

Show me corded wet and dry vacuum cleaners designed to help keep your jobsite free of dust, water and slurry
VC 75-1-22 Cordless vacuum Compact, portable cordless vacuum for quick clean-ups around construction sites and the shop (Nuron battery platform)
VC 140-2-22 Cordless dust extractor High-suction wet/dry cordless dust extractor with optional backpack, suitable for use with power tools including hollow drill bits (Nuron battery platform)

Dust Collection

Help tame construction dust with Hilti's dust collection systems

Without proper precautions, there can be health impacts when your team is exposed to construction dust. If not properly controlled, dust can be a health hazard and could be a costly issue that requires your resources and time. 

Hilti is committed to helping reduce the risks construction workers are exposed to, while helping to increase your productivity on the job site. It's time to take advantage of all the benefits Hilti has to offer with our dust collection systems.

Let's clear the air

Dust collectors are a fundamental component of safety in the construction industry. With silica dust, wood dust, fine dust and other material creating air pollution on the construction site, dust extraction should be a top priority. To help reduce your crew's occupational exposure to these elements, filter and clean the air with Hilti's vacuums, dust removal systems (DRS), and air cleaners. 

Hilti's VC140 2-22 Vacuum


Hilti's vacuum portfolio covers a variety of applications ranging from basic jobs like dust collection to aiding in bigger jobs like scabbling or demolition cleanup. With cordless, compact, backpack, or wet and dry options, our dust collectors will help keep your construction site safer and cleaner.

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Overhead drilling with TE 5-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer with DRS on a job site with concrete formwork

Dust removal systems (DRS)

Experience greater efficiency with dust removal systems specifically engineered to work with your Hilti tools. Our DRS help simplify the task of dust collection and reduce the risk of construction dust exposure. Enjoy virtually dust-free drilling, chiseling, grinding and more.

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AIC 100 Aircleaner being used while worker removes carpeting

Air cleaners

Air cleaners can create negative pressure areas to help keep dust localized to a specific work area and reduce workers' contact with airborne construction dust. These air scrubbers are a great compliment to our dust removal systems that connect with our tools.  

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Dust-related resources

    Vacuum Accessories

    Our vacuum accessories provide versatility and are specially designed to help maximize efficiency and lower construction dust levels when using your Hilti dust collector. Whether you need a floor nozzle to cover more area, a joint nozzle when dust extraction is needed in small spaces, or filters and bags, we have what you need to help reduce construction dust.

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    Hilti Dust Removal Product Selector Guide

    Our guide can help you decide what kind of dust collectors are right for the tools being used on your construction site. Some things to consider when purchasing a dust collector are the type of debris you will most often encounter, whether a wet, dry or combination dust collector is needed, dust collector capacity and if the dust collector is more easily mobilized.

    Learn more about Hilti's dust collectors

    Health and Safety - Dust Awareness

    What about construction dust produces health hazards? Learn what dust is and the risk it can present in the construction industry. From eye irritation to severe respiratory issues, discover why protecting yourself and your team should be of the highest importance.

    Learn more about dust awareness

Invest in a healthier future

At Hilti, we devote resources to develop dust collection products and systems that help provide the best protection possible on the construction site. We know dust collectors are integral in helping to maintain the quality and efficiency of operations, adherence to regulatory standards, and the health and safety of workers. Invest in our dust collection systems and invest in a safer, more productive future. 

Download our PDFs below on OSHA requirements and compliance for more information or visit our OSHA page