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Diamond Wire Saws

Show me diamond wire saws designed for structural alteration and heavy-duty concrete demolition

Show me diamond wire saws designed for structural alteration and heavy-duty concrete demolition
DSW 1510-CA Wire saw Electric wire saw (15 kW) designed for easier operation on heavy-duty cutting jobs with automatic wire tension, automatic cut steering, and wireless remote control
DSW 3018-E Wire saw High power (30 kW) electric wire saw for outstanding heavy-duty cutting performance
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Wire Saws

Slice straight through reinforced concrete quickly and easily

Hilti wire saws give you virtually unlimited control over drive speed. So you can balance cutting speed with wire life—and maximize performance, too. Plus, the adjustable advance tension means you’ll also maintain cutting productivity across a variety of materials and conditions.

Engineered for speed and precision

Some concrete-cutting jobs are just too complex or difficult for a conventional diamond saw blade. They may be too large, too irregular, too inaccessible, or too heavily reinforced.

Those are exactly the types of challenges we had in mind when we engineered our Hilti wire saws and diamond wires. As a result, you’ll benefit from high-speed productivity for structural alterations—cutting openings in concrete walls, thick stonework, and other surfaces. You can also leverage precise control for technical demolition of large structural components—such as bridges, columns, chimneys, and foundations.

Whatever the application, optimize performance with your choice of Hilti diamond wire constructions and bead diameters. These diamond-infused abrasive wires enable Hilti wire saws to slice through tough materials with speed and precision, including wet-cutting productivity at up to 115' per second.

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DSW 1510-CA Wire Saw

Cut through with confidence

Leveraging Hilti's CutAssist technology, the DSW 1510-CA's wireless remote control, higher starting torque and maximized performance and power are combined with the existing pneumatic tensioning system to allow the DSW 1510-CA to tackle any sawing job.