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Features & Applications

  • Air-cooled, heavy-duty drive unit – core drill built for high performance with a sturdy design and convenient controls
  • Extremely wide diameter range – four-speed gearing for use with most core bit sizes
  • Hole-starting function – low-vibration, low-speed mode to start drilling with large-sized core bits
  • Hilti Cut Assist – equips the core drill for fully automated drilling. Starts when surface is detected, then continuously optimizes speed and water flow, even when cutting through rebar. Cut Assist means much higher productivity and more time for other tasks (optional DD AF-CA H autofeed unit required)
  • Real-time information display – digital spirit level, gear selector, power control function, detailed usage statistics and easy-to-understand service messages
  • Core drilling penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables
  • Core drilling blind holes for setting anchors or post-installed rebar
  • Stitch drilling for breaches
  • Assisted drilling of large quantities of holes with DD AF-CA H autofeed unit
  • Assisted drilling of deep holes and extremely large diameters with DD AF-CA H autofeed unit

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