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Cordless Jobsite Vacuums

Revolutionary Nuron batteries mean you can now go cordless without compromising on suction power: see all cordless vacuums and backpack vacuums here

Revolutionary Nuron batteries mean you can now go cordless without compromising on suction power: see all cordless vacuums and backpack vacuums here
VC 75-1-22 Cordless vacuum Compact, portable cordless vacuum for quick clean-ups around construction sites and the shop (Nuron battery platform)
VC 140-2-22 Cordless dust extractor High-suction wet/dry cordless dust extractor with optional backpack, suitable for use with power tools including hollow drill bits (Nuron battery platform)
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a worker uses a cordless vacuum cleaner to remove dust from demolition work

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Quick clean-up and greater dust control with portable convenience

You can't avoid making dust, but you can better control it – no matter where you're working. Help enable cleaner, safer and more efficient OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant jobsites with our HEPA-ready cordless vacuum cleaners and a wide range of dust control solutions. 

You can now achieve wet and dry dust extraction with the power of corded and the flexibility of cordless thanks to the new Nuron 22V battery platform and our extended battery powered dust control solutions. 

Cordless vacuums for on-the-go clean-up

More safety

Help keep your jobsites and workforce safer, minimize dust exposure and stay OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant with our high-performing vacuums on the Nuron 22V one cordless platform. 

More productivity

Work more efficiently and with fewer interruptions – ditch the cord, help save time during clean-up, and extend your tool's lifespan with our cordless vacuums. 

More convenience

Get more than flexibility, Nuron 22V connected batteries deliver more convenience and transparency so you always know the health of your batteries before they leave the tool crib.

a worker grinding a concrete wall has a cordless vacuum cleaner on his back

VC 140-2-22 cordless wet/dry vac

Nuron power, cordless mobility, maximum dust extraction

With a lighter, more compact design the VC 140-2-22 on the Nuron cordless platform delivers OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliance for wet/dry dust removal and uncompromising power for a virtually dust-free finish when cutting, drilling or grinding. Other benefits include automatic filter cleaning, longer run times and built-in battery diagnostics.

The very first of its kind, the VC 140-2-22 is the only cordless SafeSet anchor installation system, a true gamechanger for anchoring productivity. 

a worker walking over a construction site with a cordless vacuum cleaner hanging from his shoulder

No outlet, No problem

Cordless vacuums – remove dust while you work

Help keep it clean and compliant even when no electrical power source is available. For dry-dust cleaning and dust extraction while drilling and chiseling, the VC 75-1-22 is an OSHA dust compliant cordless vacuum with an easy-to-use one-gallon container and shoulder strap for on-the-go mobility and convenience.

Complete your Air Cleaning System

  • AIC 1000 Air cleaner

    Help simplify clean up and further reduce exposure of dust and other particulates to your workforce by using the AIC 1000 Air cleaner in conjunction with our dust removal systems.

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Enable OSHA compliance

Hilti's health and safety resources can help you to better understand and comply with the OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 regulations for silica dust exposure.

Visit our OSHA Silica Dust Standards Resource Center

Need a corded vacuum?

Remove heavy dust and wet slurry from grinding, cutting, drilling and coring quickly and efficiently with our high-powered, high-capacity corded vacuum cleaners.

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We stand behind our tools

We don't expect our tools to fall short, but we're here if they do. Get no-cost service on your cordless vacuum for two years, then a lifetime warranty and limit on repair cost. 

Learn more about our tool repair service
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