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PROFIS Detection NEW

PC software for Ferroscan and X-Scan detection systems

Features & Applications
  • Advanced processing software with comprehensive evaluation and analysis features using different migration types as well as various calculation and visualization parameters
  • Full data processing from raw data to 3D models, including 2D and 3D plan views or cross-sectional images
  • Drill hole markers in true diameter and depth can be added and positioned in top and cross-sectional view and exported
  • Evaluation of structural layout to minimize potential for damage when drilling, coring or sawing – structural information also allows more accurate communication and tightens up bidding projects on jobs based on what operators find in the area
  • Creates an accurate 3D model of what is actually in the concrete structure and allows integration in the BIM platform in order to create more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and reliable project planning to support design, refurbishment or extension of existing structures
  • Non-destructive inspection and analysis of concrete structures, creation of assessment reports and documentation for structrual analysis and as-built checks
  • Concrete cover assessment showing where depth of cover is inadequate, for structural repair work and statistics with Hilti Ferroscan scan data
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