Tool Fleet Management

Optimize your tool crib to help keep your people, projects, and business running at peak performance

Your tool strategy should be aligned with your current and future business needs. Tooling up for a project is a major investment and a massive undertaking. Managing those tools through their life cycle requires time, attention and unexpected costs. 

With Fleet Management, you can minimize many of the headaches and expenses associated with managing the tools you need to complete your projects.

We’ll help you stay focused on your job with tracking, coverage, and upgrades that keep your tools—and teams—running at peak performance. 

How are you staying on top of changing health and safety standards on your jobsites?

man in a tool crib with Hilti tool boxes

Need help with your business capital preservation?

With Tool Fleet Management, you get choose from a wide selection of tools, and then pay a fixed monthly rate for a defined period of time. To keep you working at peak performance, we help you track, repair, replace, and upgrade your tools at no additional cost.

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What are the benefits for Fleet Customers?

Why beat up your tools to get the job done? With Tool Fleet Management, there is no upfront capital investment to tool-up for a job. Instead, there is a fixed monthly rate and a defined usage time for the tools you need, with an advanced tool coverage service.

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How do you balance your tool crib with your project needs?

With Tools on Demand, you put Hilti’s high-performing tools to work at just the right time to help save you the cost and headache of keeping up with underused tools or the need to purchase tools you only need for specific jobs.

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