3D Engineered Structures

A single seamless solution for your secondary support requirements

Hilti's modular supports system offers an integrated solution for complex engineered supports. 

We measure and cut. You build.

We’ll ship our pre-measured and pre-cut materials direct to your job site for immediate installation, helping reduce your labor and scrap costs and cutting-related job site injuries.

We kit. You build.

Kits are packaged with all components needed for assembly. Minimize freight costs over large, bulk products with conveniently boxed kits that can be transported to any desired location.

We assemble. You install.

Pre-assembled materials arrive ready for immediate installation. Help save assembly time and on-site storage space, decrease inventory management costs, and shorten your construction schedule.

Electrical and Instrumentation Stands

Supports for electrical and instrumentation equipment

Design and build durable equipment racks in a variety of configurations with Hilti modular supports. Utilize Hilti’s traditional strut system for smaller or single equipment stands. Step up to Hilti’s MI and MIQ modular products to build larger, multi-equipment racks. Take full advantage of the system’s flexibility and integrate roof structures, cable trays or piping.


  • Adjustable supports for E&I junction boxes, switching equipment, and access panels
  • Flexibility in the field to adapt to changing needs of job
  • Bolted solution with no welding required
  • Intuitive analysis software available to model applicable loads


Ideal solution for improving access to plant equipment

Hilti’s modular support system is the ideal solution for providing access to plant equipment and to provide better maneuverability inside facilities. The system can be used for walk-overs, stair landings, equipment platforms, access floors and more. Utilize our Project Management Office to assist with OSHA compliant designs.

Hilti platforms can also be used to replace ‘temporary’ scaffolding on projects that often become a permanent fixture. This can eliminate costly rental fees and inspection requirements in place for temporary scaffolding structures.


  • Modular construction around existing equipment or structures
  • No welding required to install on existing job sites
  • Non-destructive disassembly when needed, and parts are reusable
  • Design assistance available through Hilti's Project Management Office

Rooftop Supports

Engineered supports for rooftop equipment

Medical technology is constantly changingand advancing with the goal of improving patient care and hospital productivity. To stay on the cutting edge, you need support systems that easily adapt to the latest equipment so you can improve efficiency, shorten facility downtime, and reduce the impact on patients and staff.

Benefits for owners and facility operators 

  • Minimizes the likelihood of damage to the roof membrane that can cause leaks
  • Loads could be spread and connections made more efficiently, reducing the material and labor required to install the system

Benefits to engineers and consultants

  • Engineered supports offer high load capacities and great load distribution
  • Supports offer a controlled surface for equipment to be attached to, minimizing point loads and roof abrasion
  • Components are treated for corrosion protection, which means it can be trusted for long lasting performance

Benefits for contractors and installers

  • Lightweight and compact design is easy to transport and haul across construction sites
  • Great cost position that's fast and easy to install
  • High load capacities reducing the number of supports required, resulting in less material and less labor

Multi-trade Racks

Engineered supports for multiple trade equipment needs

Multi-trade racks are lean solutions for cramped service pathways. The systems are generally prefabricated and allow for a high level of coordination and flexibility between various trade solutions. This helps improve schedules, quality and safety, as these systems allow more consistency in the process. Hilti offers an integrated approach; from design and analysis software to advanced logistics and anchoring technologies.


  • Offers improved quality control of the assembly and system components including the opportunity to factory-test 
  • Easier to handle and transport compared to prefabricated welded steel​
  • Provides on-site design and installation flexibility
  • Reduced total installed cost when compared to the material, time and labor of pre-fabricating and installing welded steel supports​
  • Elimination of virtually all field waste

Additional Benefits of Hilti's Modular Support System

Cutting-edge corrosion resistance

With a cutting-edge zinc magnesium coating, Hilti's modular systems are designed to provide optimal corrosion resistance.

Learn more about Hilti's corrosion resistant design

Do more with less

Hilti's modular supports system helps improve productivity, flexibility, and safety compared to traditional welded methods. 

Learn more about modular supports vs. welded