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Construction projects can be difficult to manage due to the complexity of projects, which can result in an increase in time and cost. Take mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) support systems. These systems can be difficult to manage on a project due to space constraints, loading conditions, building codes and support from multiple trades which could result in higher costs in material and labor. Hilti's Integrated Project Solutions can address these concerns with the modular system to help improve constructability, simplify project coordination and mitigate risk of schedule slippage.

Our fully Integrated Project Solution addresses concerns throughout the entire project by supporting with engineering and modeling, pre-fabrication services, advanced logistics and jobsite digital services to support in optimization.

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BIM Integrated design Services

Prefabrication Services

Advanced Logistics

Digital Construction Services

Benefits of Hilti's Integrated Project Solutions

Improved Productivity and Flexibility

Most traditional construction methods can result in material surpluses or shortages, and complexity with coordinating assembly and installation on the jobsite. We can help streamline and simplify the process from the moment you start the design to the installation of the final solution – helping maximize on overall time, labor hours and material costs. 

When it comes to your multi-trade, cable management, or piping support systems, you can experience up to 70% faster installation on the jobsite.

Improved Safety

Our Integrated Project solutions can help you make your construction projects safer and more productive.

The prefabrication process leads to less safety risks since the elements are cut to the required lengths, kitted together with the right quantity and pre-assembled in a production environment before arriving on-site. Therefore, this type of construction will no longer require welding machines and instead require small hand-held tools. 


Improved Sustainability

We aim to supporting our customers' environmental goals regarding embodied carbon and circularity. Hilti’s modular system contains up to 30% recycled content, eliminates the need for further corrosion protection and offers flexibility to help reduce waste when compared to similar welded structures. By partnering with our customers early in the design process, we seek to optimize solutions to reduce material usage and as a result, the carbon footprint. The transparency of our products’ carbon footprint paired with accuracy of the BIM material list can allow us to better calculate the carbon footprint and possible savings for our customer.

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BIM Design

Jobsite digitization and automation planning with BIM helps to minimize on-site improvisation and simplify documentation. Having a detailed BIM model opens the door to prefabrication. Shop drawings can be exported with a few clicks, potentially cutting out the manual prep for kitting, cutting and preassembly. On-site assembly can be minimized, helping to reduce waste, time and room for error.

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Prefabrication Services

Leverage Hilti's prefabrication services to help save money and time on the jobsite – customized to your project's needs and streamlined into your process. Experience full pre-assembly of customized trapezes, cantilevers, goal post and multi trade supports, kitting the right components, and cutting channels to length.


Advanced Logistics

Unified logistics from a partner you can trust

To help you stay on schedule and on budget, Hilti offers hassle-free delivery straight to your jobsite. Choose the service that best fits your need, select your shipping destination, and leave the rest to us. 

  • Scheduled & staged delivery
  • Delivery method & special equipment
  • Temp-controlled trucks
  • Multiple stops using one or more trucks
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Digital Construction Services

Take your efficiency to the next level with digitization on the jobsite

Construction robots – Help reduce the risk of human error and injury and complete projects faster, safer and more accurately.  A semi-automated drilling technology, the Hilti Jaibot is a robot that helps add more productivity to your MEP installation work, while allowing you to track project progress and status through data.

Digital-to-Field – Translate digital plans to reality on the jobsite with digital layout solutions. These digital layout tools help increase productivity and accuracy on layout applications by providing guided positioning of cast-in components, anchors and drilling points for MEP supports.

Digital Twinning – Build more accurately and complete as-built documentation with construction layout tools like the PLT 400 and the PS digital wall scanners.  Keep your digital model up to date by offering a more efficient way to document retrofits or modifications by transferring them to a model directly.

Consulting Services – Connecting design intent and digital plans to the real world requires a link from the model to the jobsite.  Early digitization of site control opens the door for increased accuracy and efficiency.  A site control consultation helps guide on how to station accurately and repeatably.

Modular Design Center

Easier to design and simpler to assemble, Hilti's Modular System offers an integrated solution with hardware, software, and services for mechanical, electrical, and industrial support systems.

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Help Protect your Teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certification. 

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Control Tool Costs

Help simplify your financial planning and administration with our Fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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