Chemical anchoring in cold weather

Chemical Anchoring in Cold Weather

Cure up to four times faster in cold weather with Hilti chemical anchors

Jobsite productivity is important, even when temperatures get cold. Our HIT-HY 200-A V3 and HIT-ICE adhesive anchors cure up to four times faster in cold weather than the leading competitor.

Low temperatures affect adhesive anchor performance

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Adhesive anchors create chemical reactions to bond to the concrete. When it gets cold, low temperatures can lead to those chemical reactions slowing down, causing the adhesive anchors to also cure more slowly. Waiting on chemical anchors to cure means possibly more wasted time on the jobsite.

To help avoid this, Hilti developed two solutions to increase the productivity and performance of chemical anchors on cold weather jobsites. Select a solution that works best for you based on the temperature of your jobsite. 

Hilti chemical anchors HIT-HY 200-A V3 and HIT-ICE cure up to four times faster in cold weather than the leading competitor.

HIT-HY 200-A V3 with HDE 500-22

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Ultimate-performance injectable hybrid mortar with approvals for anchoring structural steel baseplate and post-installed rebar connections.

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Cold weather can make manual dispensing difficult. Our battery powered chemical dispenser HDE 500-22 can be used with HIT-HY 200-A V3 to help make dispensing easier and increase productivity. 

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HIT-ICE and CD 4-A22

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This high-performance injectable mortar can be used for concrete anchoring in sub-zero temperatures.

The chemical anchor HIT-ICE can be used in base material that has dropped to -10°F.

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Hilti’s CD 4-A22 battery powered caulking dispenser is a powerful tool for dispensing high-viscosity materials with ease.

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Adhesive Anchors

Adhesive Anchors

A wide range of chemical anchor fasteners, our injectable resin epoxy and hybrid adhesive anchors are also designed for rebar applications and can be used on concrete and masonry.

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Anchor Rods and Elements

Anchor Rods and Elements

Don't forget about the threaded rods for your anchor applications. Your anchoring job takes more than just the adhesives. Finish your application with Hilti's line of high performing anchor rods.

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Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator

Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator

The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator allows you to compare product options, and even modify your calculations based on the specific installation conditions at your job site.

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