firestop for data centers

Firestop Solutions for Data Centers

Salability, reliability and security without compromising energy efficiency

Hilti’s fire protection solutions help you design and build more efficient data centers. We focus on providing innovative solutions that provide industry-leading airflow control and help prevent particulate contamination in sensitive server environments.

Using Hilti pre-engineered cable pathways, such as firestop speed sleeves and firestop blocks, can help save on operating expenses, improve airflow management and reduce risk.

Why choose Hilti firestop solutions for data centers

Improve airflow management

Airflow management has emerged as a primary method of reducing energy consumption to improving energy efficiency in data centers. 

With an innovative twist mechanisim, Hilti's firestop speed sleeves not only allow for effortless cabling updates, but also help provide excelent airflow control.

Help reduce risk

Constant cabling additions and changes to data centers often cause initially installed firestopping material to not be properly replaced or restored. 

Our fiber-free firestop solutions help reduce unnecessary risks to cable and server functionality by enabling effortless updates to mission critical cabling without speacialized maintenance personnel.

Proven airflow control

Airflow leakage data in data centers

Tested leakage ratings for use in design simulations

The leakage of our speed sleeve cable pathway was tested to internationally recognized standards such as UL 1479 and EN 1026. The extensive third-party testing confirmed the sleeve’s superior airflow control at a variety of fill ratios and a wide range of operating pressures.

Whether you’re looking for leakage data for design simulations or pressure-resistance data for gaseous fire suppression systems, we have the information you need to help ensure the efficiency and reliability of your design.


Help control cost

Labor and material cost for firestop solutions

The more cable changes you make, the more money you save

An investment in pre-engineered firestop solutions reduces the downstream labor costs associated with traditional firestop maintenance activities.

  • Maintain the flexibility to meet your day 2 cabling requirements without compromising on safety or energy efficiency.
  • Make sure you specify flexible cable management solutions such as the Hilti speed sleeve and Hilti firestop block.

Firestop products for data centers

Speed sleeves and pathways

The Hilti speed sleeve allows you to future-proof your facility. Its simple twist-mechanism enables effortless updates to mission critical cabling without specialized maintenance personnel. Industry-leading airflow control provides a tighter envelope for more efficient cooling of your server environment.

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Pre-formed firestop block

The Hilti firestop block is a versatile, building-block solution for large openings. The fiber-free, non-curing block not only accommodates frequent cabling changes, but is certified for use in ISO cleanroom environments of class 4 and higher.

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Firestop cable discs

Self-adhesive firestop cable discs provide a peel-and-stick solution that accommodates cables, bundles and tubing up to 1" in diameter—and installs in as little as 10 seconds to help ensure that little things don’t become a big drain on your fire protection budget.

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