F-BT fastener installation on steel with Cordless Stud Fusion operator

Fastening to Steel

Advance from traditional stud welding to speedier, more consistent fastening

Step out of the past and into the future, free from the cumbersome application methods of yesterday. Fasten to steel faster and help lower your costs with Hilti's FX 3-A cordless stud fusion system. Our new fusion technology helps you get the robust, higher-quality fastening you need for even tougher applications, while helping reduce the need for rework.

We have solutions for a multitude of stud fastening applications: sharp tip fastening, blunt tip fastening, and stud fusion.

Why choose Hilti for fastening on steel?

Faster and simpler installation

Weld faster without compromising corrosion protection. Access to only one side of the steel is required and there is either no, or minimal, base material rework, and no ferrule cleaning or removal. 

Certified welder not required

With a shortage of welders on the horizon, it's good to know fastening on steel with our systems can be completed by trained operators and does not require a certified stud welder to operate the systems. Welders can be deployed to other critical applications where welding is essential.

Higher quality fastenings

Get higher quality fastenings thanks to visual aids for surface preparation, guided power regulation on tools, depth gauges for optimum fastener performance and easier inspection using visual check gauges. Adjustments are made for all fusion parameters using just one button.

Safer tool operation

Help protect your crew as they weld studs. Angle grinders are not needed when using the FX 3-A, which can reduce sparks and power cables, helping prevent the risk of cuts and burns as well as fire and tripping hazards. 

Extra product reliability

We provide comprehensive technical data for our sharp tip fastening, blunt tip fastening, and fusion welding products.  When you partner with Hilti, you can have more confidence in our equipment and our customer support.

More flexibility in the field

Our cordless stud fusion system is lightweight and because the tool uses battery technology you don't need an external power source. That means more portability as you weld on the jobsite.

Fastening on steel applications

Solutions for offshore and onshore oil and gas, shipbuilding and more

Our sharp tip fastening, blunt tip fastening, and stud fusion solutions are designed for key applications across many industries and corrosive environments. They include:

  • Installing grating and diamond plate
  • Fastening of non-critical pipe and cable tray/ladder support structures
  • Fastening of electrical connections for grounding and bonding
  • Shipbuilding applications including standoff support, false ceilings, and fastening of equipment, furniture and outfitting

Which solution is right for your application?

Diagram of a cross-section of steel showing sharp tip fastening

Sharp tip fastening

A cost-competitive, one-step solution for high-frequency fastening where speed is critical.

How it works:

With X-R or X-ST sharp tip fasteners, a sharp tip stainless steel fastener is driven by a battery powered or powder-actuated tool into the base material, creating a higher-quality connection.


  • Faster one-step installation
  • Fastens a wide variety of materials
Diagram of a cross-section of steel showing blunt tip screw fastening

Blunt tip fastening

Versatile 2-step solutions for daily fastening to steel across a broad range of applications.

How it works:

With X-BT or S-BT blunt tip fasteners, a threaded fastener is driven or screwed into a pre-drilled hole in the base material by a powder or battery-powered tool.


  • No damage to corrosion protection in non-through penetration applications
  • Fastening in as little as 2 minutes
  • Stainless steel fasteners – equivalent corrosion protection as A4 (316) for highly-corrosive environments
  • Duplex coated carbon steel fastener for mildly-corrosive environments

Fusion welding

For higher-strength fastening to steel in demanding, engineered applications – combines welding performance with more ease of use.

How it works:

With F-BT stud fusion, a threaded metal stud is welded by a battery-powered tool on a prepared surface. The optional washer then seals the prepared surface for a fastening point with long-term corrosion resistance.


  • No damage or burn-through to rear side of corrosion protection coating and simple front side sealing helping to virtually eliminate rework
  • No drilling or notching into base material required, helping maintain base material integrity  
  • Higher-load, thin base and versatile fastening point 


Speed up tougher fastening jobs and help boost design efficiency with Hilti's FX 3-A Cordless Stud Fusion system

For applications with higher tensile loads or thinner base materials, choose Hilti's Cordless Stud Fusion. It can help you avoid the high costs and rework associated with traditional stud welding. The cordless system is fully mobile and lighter than other systems. Real-time feedback on the tool makes it easier to get more reliable and consistent fastenings.

Get full support from our expert engineering teams to optimize your design.

Hilti Cordless Stud Fusion Webinar

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