Power, natural resources and industry 

Industry-specific productivity solutions for owners, engineers and contractors

Our goal is to help make the industry safer, more productive, and more sustainable. Our integrated solutions for your operations and large, complex projects are designed to help support you for the entire lifecycle of your facility: from design through construction to operations, maintenance, and even decommissioning. With a global presence in 120 countries, our productivity solutions include the following:

  • Project and asset management.
  • Tool Park solutions.
  • Key applications ranging from modular support systems to anchoring and passive fire protection. 

Power sector

Whether you are operating as a Utility provider or focusing on power generation, renewables, or nuclear energy, we can provide solutions to help increase your productivity and enhance your safety while helping to ensure compliance through tool park solutions, asset management, power sector specific engineered solutions, and site support.

Our utility solutions include the cordless cable cutter and crimper portfolio that was developed with the needs and requirements of overhead and underground operations in mind. We offer modular supports and fastening systems with engineering, cutting, kitting and preassemble services for all elements of power generation, transmission, and distribution.

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Mining, oil and gas

Active in oil and gas, LNG, or chemical processing? Partner with our dedicated resources from early design to commissioning and maintenance of your facilities. Our offer concentrates on cost avoidance, safety, and helping to minimize downtown across multiple solutions: project management tools (Fieldwire), asset management for any equipment, and power tool management. We also bring productivity into modular systems as a provider of fixings, engineered modular solutions for any corrosive environment, and fire protection.

In addition, our mining solutions include anchoring of mine shafts, dust-controlled cordless power tool operations, and cable tray/piping/conveyor support systems. 


Whether you are retooling an automotive plant or designing multitier pipe runs for a manufacturing project, we provide solutions to help increase your productivity through project, asset, and tool management. In addition, the specific application solutions will provide you with safer, faster, and more efficient ways as you are performing the work on hand to help minimize maintenance downtime or keep you on the project execution timeline. 

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we offer support from anchor design through tool and anchoring solutions to custom-tailored logistics to help meet your client's or end user's requirements.

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By reducing hot work and increasing configuration flexibility on vessels in any corrosive environment, it can hlep improve your productivity, lower running costs, and increase safety levels for your operations. In addition to a comprehensive cordless tool portfolio for metal working, our shipbuilding-specific solutions include innovative attachments into steel and aluminum with compatible modular systems to create access platforms, false floors, and cable/pipe routing. We are also partners in achieving fire compartmentalization with our designer and installer friendly cable transit system. 

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Your partner for modular construction

Mitigate the risk of delays and cost overruns in large construction projects

Construction projects in the energy and industry sectors face increasing time, cost and environmental pressures. Hilti is your partner in helping to mitigate some of these challenges resulting in reduced cost of project execution and overall cost of ownership. We partner with you along the workflow from digital modeling, design and construction services that drive full modularization.

Our digital services begin with upfront engineering to optimize systems design for pipe, cable and HVAC supports, firestopping, fastening.  Through our 3D modeling capabilities, you can take full advantage of early coordination across multiple disciplines on your project to help avoid costly onsite modifications and rework. We also provide services beyond training and jobsite support: prefabrication of modular supports will help you gain productivity on the projects by cutting down installation time.

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Versatile flooring systems with integrated cable routing

Achieve greater cost reductions and time savings with lightweight, modular raised floor systems that have a lower carbon footprint than traditional welded structures.

Our all-in-one solution for control, server and plant rooms combines supports for floor tiles, cabinets and cable trays in one structure. The system is fully modular – meaning easier adjustment and changes during construction. You’ll also receive on-site support from our experts throughout your project, to help ensure you get the system you really need.


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