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Features & Applications

  • Cold cut metal saw – exceptionally smooth, fewer sparks in metal/stainless cuts, and the base material remains cool when cut with TCT blades
  • Comprehensive safety features – low-noise sawing with chip collector and rapid blade brake help to minimize the hazards on your jobsites
  • Suitable for straight and pipe cutting – expand the functionality of your cordless circular saw for metal by adding an optional guiderail or pipe adapter
  • Hilti’s best-ever metal cutting circular saw for 6-1/2” blades – doubled cutting speed thanks to Nuron technology and a powerful brushless motor
  • Better handling – low weight of just 7 lbs (inc. B 22-85 battery), ergonomic grips and LED work light help you to slice quickly through your cutting line
  • Cutting channels, pipes, conduits and profiles
  • Cutting openings in sheet metal for heating and air conditioning installation
  • Cutting sandwich panels, mesh and corrugated sheet metal
  • Corrective cutting and trimming of sheet metal
  • Fast, precise cuts up to 2-3/8" in metal


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