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Features & Applications

  • Powerful gas cut-off saw engineered to make your most demanding cutting work quicker and easier – compatible with the DSH-FSC floor saw cart
  • Easy-start gas saw – unique auto-choke helps to make first-pull ignition the norm, and flooded engines virtually impossible
  • Robust – upgraded air filters and re-engineered internal components help the gas saw to deliver uninterrupted, high performance
  • Easy self-service maintenance – pre-tensioned belt and virtually unbreakable starter rope help to minimize the saw's maintenance downtime
  • Compatible with the DSH-P water pump – feeds water to your gas saw from any source, no pressurization needed
  • Road construction – perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete
  • Sewage work – cutting metal, concrete and plastic pipes
  • Floor construction – cutting expansion joints in fresh concrete
  • Laying paving – cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Construction work – cutting openings in brick or concrete walls

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