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Features & Applications

  • Very low drilling noise – the ideal solution for drilling in inhabited buildings
  • Impact-free drilling reduces the risk of damage to brittle materials and allows drilling close to edges
  • Fast drilling through rebar thanks to the unique TopSpin technology
  • Soft-start feature for precise hole positioning
  • The quick-lock keyless chuck system makes changing core bits quicker and easier than ever
  • Drilling accurate anchor holes and through holes 8 to 35 mm (5/16 - 1-3/8") in diameter
  • Low-noise drilling for setting anchors during renovation work in hospitals, commercial and residential buildings
  • Wet coring in heavily-reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone
  • Wet coring in brittle materials (marble, tiles, masonry, natural stone) and close to edges

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DD 30-W Drilling System

Hilti DD 30-W drilling system for quick, precise and virtually noise-free coring

Meet the new Hilti DD 30-W drilling system for hand-held or rig-based wet core drilling. It not only cuts through rebar with speed and ease, it also lets you drill with exceptional accuracy, even in brittle materials that would suffer damage from hammer drilling. 

Topspin technology

Stay on top of your game with the new Hilti DD 30-W

Finish up to 300% quicker than with conventional diamond tools, thanks to DD 30-W's exclusive TopSpin technology. 8700 rpm combined with slightly eccentric rotation of the core bit transfers pressure more effectively to the diamond ring, which results in faster drilling. TopSpin makes it easier than ever to cut through tough rebar and reduces the contact pressure required to drill through heavily reinforced concrete by half.

System solution

Approved for anchor applications

Confidence is good; approvals are better! Only Hilti provides a complete, approved system for anchoring in diamond-cored holes. From varying base materials to challenging design conditions such as close edge distances, DD 30-W delivers approved drilling performance you can trust. 

DD-WMS 100 Water management system

Take core drilling productivity to new heights with the new DD-WMS 100 water management system. Together with the DD 30-W, this system not only speeds up the job and helps keep the workplace clean, it also lets you benefit from far greater mobility.

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