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Cast-in Anchor Channels

Anchor channels for virtually every cast-in installation detail – including conformity with the latest, most rigorous standards and approvals

Hilti Anchor Channel

A systematic approach to innovative concrete anchoring

Help ensure a quality installation with a reliable load transfer to the concrete structure and a multipoint anchoring system in a single assembly.

Simplicity and Efficiency rolled into one

Hilti anchor channels (HAC) are produced using Temperature Controlled Roll Shaping (TCRS), an innovative process that helps ensure maximum quality and load bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads, while keeping energy consumption and emissions to a minimum.

In conjunction with PROFIS Anchor Channel, Hilti's simplified and value-engineered cast-in anchor channel system portfolio helps designers easily provide model code compliant and cost-effective concrete anchor channel system solutions.


Why cast-in anchor channels are the better solution?

Compared to traditional cast-in technologies, anchor channel systems provide added savings by not requiring skilled labor to connect the fixture since welding is not required. Additionally, anchor channels reduce the installation time per connection, improve the safety of the installer, and increase the structural reliability of the connection.

How does Hilti help you succeed?

Hilti is your partner throughout the life span of your project. We want you to be successful. In a fast paced environment like the construction industry, it is essential to have a reliable partner that supports you with the right product and service solutions, as well as the leading expertise to enable you to complete your project in time and budget.

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PROFIS Anchor Channel

The simplest and safest way to design Hilti anchor channel systems

Through a simple, user-friendly interface, PROFIS Anchor Channel designs anchor channel fastenings for static and seismic applications in concrete according to the most current building codes, approvals, and standards.

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