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Analyze and model your concrete scans with one software program

Full data processing from raw data to 3D models, including 2D and 3D plan views or cross-sectional images. With PROFIS Detection Office, you can easily create an accurate 3D model of hidden objects within a concrete structure. The software is BIM-ready in order to facilitate more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and reliable project planning.

Simplify structural analysis using visualization tools

PROFIS Detection Office supports three-sensor data overlay – radar, EM and Ferroscan – for easy target object classification and depth calibration

Compatible with popular BIM, CAD and PROFIS Anchor software

Supports data export in various formats for use with popular design applications such as AutoCAD®, Trimble SketchUp® and many more. Supported export formats include: DXF, COLLADA, PLY, X3D, BMP, JPG. You can import X3D scan files in PROFIS Anchors to support collision-free anchor and baseplate design.

Help avoid damage while drilling or sawing – even before work begins on site

Scan positions can be labelled with building coordinates and exported for accurate scan placement in design files or repositioned later on-site with layout tools.

Get all the facts for more accurate bidding and scheduling

Having the best possible structural information in advance allows more accurate communication and tendering. Easy-to-understand structural reports help you avoid unexpected remedial works and damage during drilling, coring or sawing.

Easily generate structural assessment reports

Assessment reports and documentation to support design, refurbishment, or extension of existing structures can be exported in Microsoft Word®, PDF or HTML format.

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PROFIS Detection Office

More efficiently analyze data from Ferroscan and X-Scan detection systems

From the jobsite to the office and back again, PROFIS Detection Offis is an all-in-one solution for concrete scanning professionals and consultants that provides faster access and more efficient analysis of 3D data for inspection and diagnosis of concrete structures.

Control Costs

Create more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and reliable project documentation to support design, refurbishment or extension of existing structures.

Improve Accuracy

Perform reliable analysis of your Ferroscan and X-Scan data with detailed modeling capabilities, minimizing potential for damage when drilling, coring or sawing.

Increase Productivity

Export to CAD and import into PROFIS Engineering to link your scan data with other data sources for increased efficiency. 


3D model of migration types

Smart Tools

Overlay several scan sources using different migration types as well as various calculation and visualization parameters.

2D model of scanned layout data

Flexible Designs

Create points for layout with the scan data and full data processing from raw data to 3D models, including 2D and 3D plan views or cross-sectional images.

3D model of concrete structure

Intelligent Reporting

Manage your scan data and provide detailed reports with an accurate 3D model of the concrete structure.

PROFIS Layout Office

Version Control

Manage and archive every iteration of your scan data, for transparency across the project.

Evaluation report from Quickscan

Accurate Evaluation

Record your evaluations using Quickscan. 

3D model of concrete structure

Data Exporting

Export 3D scan data to a variety of formats including DXF. 

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