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ON!Track Tags

Broad portfolio of robust tags - designed for the toughest jobsite conditions - to identify your tools, equipment and consumables.

Broad portfolio of robust tags - designed for the toughest jobsite conditions - to identify your tools, equipment and consumables.
AI T380 Tracking tag Robust smart tag to connect construction equipment with the Hilti ON!Track asset management system – simplifying the inventory process and tracking all your tools/equipment
AI L2 and AI L5 Robust, self-adhesive barcode tags for identifying and tracking all types of construction equipment
AI T35-H Asset tag Very robust aluminum asset tag with metal wire shackle for tracking tools and equipment exposed to heavy usage
AI T43-P Asset tag Very robust stainless steel tracking tag for tools and equipment exposed to extremely tough environments
AI T320 ON!Track Bluetooth® smart tag Durable asset tag to track construction equipment location and demand via the Hilti ON!Track tool tracking system – optimize your inventory and save time managing it
ON!Track Tags

Tool and Asset Tracking Tags

Drive transparency on how, when, and where your tools are being used

Help optimize your inventory and save time managing it with our advanced Bluetooth® enabled ON!Track AI T320 smart tags and AI G125 gateway unit. These automatic, active tracking tags can identify underutilized and idle tools to help avoid buying more equipment that won't be used.

The self-adhesive AI L2 and AI L5 tags are ideal for consumables and commodity items. These passive tags provide faster and more reliable asset identification using manual barcode scanning.

The right tag for your assets

tracking tools with ON!Track


Track all your tools, not just Hilti tools. View assets based on specific criteria and see where they are, who may be using them and when they go missing.
track commodities with ON!Track


Gain transparency into quality levels and material locations. Run reports to help identify wasteful spending and lost materials.
tracking consumables with ON!Track


Help eliminate the need to manually manage inventory with scheduled and automated replenishment. Consumables arrive on time and remain secure on-location.


manage rental equipment with ON!Track

Rental equipment

Make more informed purchasing decisions by tracking rental equipment usage. Set alerts for return dates to match your project timelines.

Active vs. Passive Tags



Temperature Range

Digitized Tracking Capabilities


Active (Bluetooth®)

32-140 °F

Asset identification, location, usage frequency, maintenance status, warranty validity

AI L2 and AI L5 TAGS


-4-113 °F

Asset identification, maintenance status and warranty validity


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Tag Accessories

Asset and tool tracking built to last

Track what matters most with Bluetooth® IP 67 durability rated tags designed to withstand advanced dust and water. Our tags are available with a variety of sturdy attachment options to better endure tough jobsite conditions.

Last-seen time, date, and location information is automatically updated when your asset comes within 100 feet.

Scanning Tools

Cloud-base platform with on the go tracking capabilities

Keep track of your tools from anywhere with any web-enabled device or ON!Track mobile app, designed to fit the needs in the field.

Our mobile app helps bring visibility and accountability to your entire fleet of tools and assets. Use the new ON!Track 3 mobile app to manage all of your construction equipment and consumables anytime, anywhere.

ON! Track Pt II

Your entire inventory at your fingertips

When you know exactly where to find equipment and assets, you don’t lose valuable time looking for items or waste money buying replacements.

Our convenient quantity item management and data driven insights are developed to help maximize your productivity, accountability and help reduce hoarding.

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