Features & Applications

  • Optimized multi-cutter (4 or 6-cutter) carbide head – superior drilling performance and less jamming when hitting rebar
  • Heat-treated flute offers superior wear resistance and maximum robustness
  • Slimmer and lighter helix for more comfortable drilling and superior drilling speed
  • Fully embedded drill bit head for maximum robustness and longer life
  • In the unlikely event of breakage, the drill bit will be considered for replacement as long as the wear mark on the helix is still visible
  • Sealing joints in masonry and concrete against water penetration
  • Hammer drilling in reinforced concrete, concrete, masonry and other construction materials
  • Structural reinforcement and waterproofing in tunnels
  • Drilling holes for all chemical anchor installation purposes
  • Easy drilling in hard-to-access locations for mechanical and electrical installation

Product Variants & Sets

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