How eProcurement helps to simplify your processes

More cost transparency and increased efficiency help avoid unproductive manual chores

Hilti eprocurement simplifies your business processes

How does your organization send purchase orders and receive invoices, order confirmations and shipping notes? Via phone, email, in stores and electronically? Do you need to manually match the invoices to the corresponding purchase orders? Would you rather simplify the processes and save money?


eProcurement offers various benefits that increase efficiency and help you avoid unproductive manual chores. When you consider the many ancillary costs associated with purchasing, an electronic order costs only a fraction of a manual order.

Centralized eProcurement processes help to optimize the work of purchasing agents. When all orders are placed with the in-house system or in the eProcurement platform, purchasers do not need to jump between websites and calls to place an order with suppliers. You receive order confirmations, shipping notes and invoices that are automatically matched to your order, helping avoid duplication of effort. This maximizes time savings and allows your staff to spend more time on strategic procurement.


When you place an order, are you still copying product codes and prices from a catalog? Would you rather have a catalog directly linked to your in-house system that shows your individual prices? Or would you like to fill your Hilti Website shopping cart and then transfer it to your own system to place the order?

eProcurement gives you better cost transparency. Our data sourcing solutions make sure you always have product and pricing data at your fingertips. Hilti can provide you with an electronic catalog, in your preferred format, or establish a link between your system and the Hilti Website. It’s easy. Market-leading eProcurement platforms, like Coupa and Ariba, also offer great spend management modules that give you a comprehensive look at your historical spend data and help you to better plan for the future.

Hilti’s eB2B team would love to talk with you and highlight solutions that can simplify your procurement processes. Perhaps you’d like to become more digital but don’t know where to start. eProcurement is the perfect option!